STUDIO ART 2019-20

  • March 13, 2020


    PLEASE continue using GOOGLE CLASSROOM to follow along with the 3rd Quarter WORKPLAN found in the STREAM section.  I will leave class comments and concerns in the STREAM section.  The unit work (ALL classwork & homework) that accompanies the WORKPLAN is found in the CLASSWORK section.  How-To guides, reference materials, links and videos are all in the CLASSWORK section . . . look carefully.  When you have finished an assignment UPLOAD it for a grade.

    I will be working on the computer updating GOOGLE CLASSROOM lessons, adding NEW ones, grading your work (please read the comments) and responding to emails and GOOGLE CLASSROOM DMs during the hours of 1-5pm and 8-9pm DAILY.

    FEEL FREE to contact me through GOOGLE CLASSROOM or my district email about schoolwork or to just let me know how you are doing/feeling.  I will try to add learning podcasts and tutorials (from me and Riley) so . . . STAY TUNED !!!


    PERIOD 1  hrelmr4

    PERIOD 2  lwrxgom

    PERIOD 5  mowou7t

    PERIOD 6  22roq6u

    PERIOD 8  t2mw7ke

    *You must use a GMAIL address that contains your name. 

    For example . . .  to be a member of our groups. 

    Everyone else (ie. will be removed. SORRY !!