Global History I & II

  • Lincoln High School's Remote Learning is designed to give students an engaging online learning experience that includes clear expectations and outcomes for each week.  These expectations will include online and offline learning activities.  The work can be found on Teams, and NearPod it will include instructional videos, live and recorded sessions, online resources.  Not all components of online learning will happen in the first few weeks, but will build over time as mine and student comfort increases.


    It is important that students understand their responsibility as learners to engage in class daily.  In addition, you are responsible for the same regulations as listed in the Yonkers Public Schools Code of Conduct.  This includes appropriate online behavior within the learning platform.


    • Create a space for learning 
    • Sign into the classroom daily and on time- keep connected
    • Seek help when needed (teacher, guidance, principals) 
    • Demonstarte learning with completion of assignments
    • Engage with the classroom and use tools (like headphones) to focus on instructional videos, etc.
    • Communicate with your teacher and examine feedback
    • Follow the Code of Conduct
    • Demonstrate online learning ettiquette
    • Collaborate with peers using responsible language and behavior
    • Use equipment as outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy
    • Wear attire acceptable for school
    • Support each other in this new way of learning
    • Be patient with yourself and me- we are all learning together!