class expectations

  • Hello my name is Adam Meza and i have been the physical education teacher at School 5 for more than 10 yrs.  It has been my pleasure to see classes of students grow throughout the years from the time they were in pre-k (4yrs old) through eighth grade (14 yrs old).  During physical education classes, students are required to be prepared to participate in physical activity each class period in the gym.  This means coming to school with sneakers and comfortable clothes on days when students have physical education.  Students are asked to put forth full effort during each class period and to be cooperative/courteous to their classmatees as well as their teacher, so that the most learning can happen every cl;ass for each child in the gym.  Physical activities are designed to be enjoyable experiences so that students learn to love being physically active and will be more likely to continue with an active lifestyle for their entire lives.