Student Code of Conduct

  • The Yonkers Public Schools Code of Conduct, adopted October 16, 2019, was revised by a committee of educators, community partners, parents and students, reviewed by the Board of Education Trustees, Superintendent of Schools, and available to the public for input.

    The adopted Code of Conduct is based on theories of action including:

    Restorative Practices, Solutions Not Suspensions, Disproportionality Training, the District’s 3 Year Strategic Plan and Response to Intervention - shift in instructional practice.

    These actions focus on the social emotional supports necessary for both students and families to forge relationships with the school community, administration and teachers, to create personalized plans for success for each student. Restorative Practices ascertains why the student is acting in a particular fashion, provides social, emotional and academic supports and follows with appropriate actions to support student success.

    The Code of Conduct is based on the policies of the Board of Education and contains District administrative procedures and practices that are essential to maintaining a safe and positive learning environment for all students and staff. It serves to inform students and parents of the Yonkers Public Schools’ expectations regarding behavior and conduct and the consequences for misconduct.

    Students, parents and staff are expected to become familiar with the provisions of the districtwide Code of Conduct, as well as the rules and regulations adopted and implemented by their individual schools.

    The Code of Conduct protects the rights of students. It specifies the behavior that is expected of all students, and describes the broad range of student misconduct. Additionally, it includes the appropriate disciplinary consequences/options for the various types of misconduct. Students are expected to abide by the policies in the Code of Conduct so that everyone has the opportunity to grow and develop as a positive member of society. The District is focused on parent participation in all aspects of school. In terms of school conduct and discipline, we count on parents and guardians to join the school staff in setting high expectations for excellent student behavior.

    We also ask that parents and guardians let their children know that they are working in partnership with the school staff and that parents will support consequences that are enforced when behavior rules are not followed. Together, the school and the family can ensure that the atmosphere in our schools provides children with a safe school environment where everyone’s focus is on teaching and learning.