Yonkers Public Schools News 2020 - 2021

From Dr. B

  • Dear Parents and Guardians!

    HAPPY SUMMER!!!!  You and your children have persevered during these challenging times and now we all receive a well-earned respite (Tier 2 word for temporary rest or delay).  Congratulations!!!!

    Thank you parents, guardians, families, and STUDENTS for all of your efforts throughout the year.  I am also very grateful for our hard working teachers, aides, office staff, nurse, cafeteria workers, and custodians for their efforts to keep our students safe and protected while providing a quality education for each child. 

    I mentioned to our sixth-grade students during their Moving-Up Ceremony on June 22, that all students have 62 days off in July and August (unless attending summer school!) from school.  I challenged each and every student to ‘take ownership of their reading and learning’ five days a week throughout the summer.  This not only pertains to the 6th Grade students but to each child from PK to Grade 5.  If a chil read for 20-30 minutes a day for five of the seven days per week, they will help prevent what is called the ‘summer slide’ when students spend too much time on their phones or technology device without an effort for ‘taking ownership of their learning and reading.   I have mentioned for many years at the PK and Kindergarten Moving-Up Ceremonies that each time a parent or guardian reads with their child, it is like making a deposit in the bank.  Each time you read with your child, you are investing your time with reading to or with your child, you

    Looking for activities with the family this summer? 

    Please check out the website for the Hudson River Museum


    Yonkers Parks and Recreation

    https://www.yonkersny.gov/ play/parks-recreation   

    I hope you and your families have a restful, safe, and reading filled summer!

    Keep persevering and keep the faith!

    Dr. B