Language Acquisition Department

  • Supports during the COVID-19 Pandemic

    The top priority of the Language Acquisition Department is the health, well-being and academic progress of our Multilingual Learners (MLLs) and World Language students.  The novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 has positioned schools across New York State to engage in remote or distance learning in order to mitigate the spread of the virus.  Bilingual, ESOL, World Language and Content Area teachers may use online platforms and telecommunication programs with students and parents to provide instruction in alignment with the subject content standards and requisite skills of their respective classes. It is strongly recommended that teachers interact with students, parents, and colleagues within the contractual workday.  

    The  Language Acquisition Department has articulated guidance and compiled resources to support Bilingual Education and World Languages.   Yonkers Public Schools Guidance #3 document provides administrators, ESOL and Bilingual teachers strategies and supports for Multilingual Learners. It reviews the scope of learning and services that a Multilingual Learner might encounter in distance learning environments in which MLLs/ELLs receive instruction.  To access all of the Yonkers Public Schools guidance documents, please CLICK HERE.  As part of the Yonkers Public Schools School Re-Opening Plan 2020-2021, the Language Acquisition Department release guidance for Bilingual Education and Wolrd Language with instructional resources, program requirements, sample student schedules, and academic polies as it relates to Mutilingual Learners and World Languages in the Appendix 9: Bilingual Education and World Languages

    On the Yonkers Public Schools Distance Learning page, teachers, students and families will be able to access the Multilingual Learner Channel or MLL Channel which contains additional resources to support the conceptual, analytical and linguistic development of our Multilingual Learners. As we continue to expand our distance learning skills additional resources will be available, CLICK HERE to access the resources.  Lastly, during this past summer 2020, we have had some wonderful lessons learned from the virtual elementary school Multilingual Learner programs. Please see the Outcomes and Lessons Learned 2020 Summer Virtual Academies Document with key findings and recommendations from teachers who participated in the summer academies as it relates to distance learning. The nine key findings are divided into three sections: Teaching & Learning for Students and Families, Teaching & Learning for Teachers; Technology and Logistics.

    Key Readings in Supporting Multilingual Learners during Hybrid and Remote Learning





    Ms. Lissette Colón-Collins
    Assistant Superintendent

    Dr. June Wai
    Language Acquisition Administrator