Language Acquisition Department


Multilingual Learners and World Languages

  • The top priority of the Language Acquisition Department is the health, well-being, and academic progress of our Multilingual Learners (MLLs) and World Language students.

    Our main goal is to ensure that all students, especially our Multilingual Learners, experience academically rich, culturally responsive-sustaining, and positive teaching and learning daily to improve their academic, language, and literacy learning outcomes during these unprecedented times. To accomplish this goal, the Four Daily Essential Practices can be incorporated in all scenarios and will benefit not only MLLs, but all learners.

    Culturally and Linguistically Sustaining Teaching

    Students develop a sense of personal efficacy; maintain cultural identity and connections with their ethnic, linguistic, and cultural groups and communities; build positive relationships; and develop an ethic of success that is compatible with cultural pride.

    Collaborative Discussions, Reading, and Writing

    Students work together in intellectually rich and integrated learning around worthy and engaging inquiry questions, texts, and topics in ways that support their deeper learning, ability to engage in extended discourse, and abundant and authentic writing.

    Academic/Disciplinary Language Development

    Students are immersed in a language-rich environment and engage in interactive and discussion-based tasks about the language in complex texts, with a focus on understanding the complex texts better and making informed and deliberate choices about language when speaking and writing.

    Scaffolding and Student Ownership

    Students develop autonomy and ownership of the learning process through scaffolding (planned and just-in-time) and formative assessment practices that are tailored to their individual needs.

    The Language Acquisition Department has articulated guidance and compiled resources to support Bilingual Education and World Languages. As part of the Yonkers Public Schools School Opening Plan 2021-2022, instructional resources, program requirements, sample student schedules, and academic policies related to Multilingual Learners and World Languages can be found in Appendix 9: Bilingual Education and World Languages (pp. 59-65).


    Ms. Lissette Colón-Collins
    Assistant Superintendent

    Dr. June Wai
    Language Acquisition Administrator