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EXPECTATIONS/PROJECT: Personalized Story Book

Using words and images of your choice complete a book about you and your world. This needs to be 10 pages including the book cover. You may use materials of your choice, with or without color. Please adhere to project directives as emphaised during class. Each page needs to include words/text and images, photos, drawing, or magazine cutouts, etc. Please clearly number each page and submit a photo of one page per week (see due dates below)  ***SEND
*Please include your class period and your grade level on all correspondence.
*THIS ASSIGNMENT is FOR STUDENTS in periods:   3,   4,  5AB & 5CD,  7AB & 7CD  and period  8.
Throughout the year we have understood art as a means of communication.This marking period we are going to continue to  focus on communication with an emphasis on YOU! You could consider this project to be a journal or visual diary, a place to collect your thoughts, feelings and perspectives and things that are important to you. At the end of the year you will have a PERSONALIZED STORY BOOK filled with ideas and memories that you can reflect on in the future. Through the use of words and visual imagery you will capture a part of you... as you are today with hope for tomorrow!
 1) Take some time to reflect on where you are comimg from, where you are and where you would like to be now and in the future. Develope a list of some of the places, friends, accomplishments that have special meaning and that you want to remember. Perhaps these experiences help you to become centered or strong. Maybe there is a special quote, story, poem or words from a friend that help you through uncertain times. EACH PAGE NEEDS TO INCLUDE TEXT OF SOME TYPE AND VISUAL IMAGERY OF SOME TYPE, NEATLY INTEGRATED TO CREATE A UNIFIED COMPOSITION AND PLEASING DESIGN.
2) Arrange your ideas in an outline or storyboard so that related themes can be combined or placed in a sequence that indicates a progression of time. Download verbal  messages or images that relate to the themes  you are presenting. Create your own poems, use magazine images, and photographs or add your own drawings that further personalize your work. By intergrating the words and images you are creating a collage or mosaic of sorts. The text and pictures need to relate to each other and to you!
3) Once you have gathered and grouped your items, you may lay them out on the individual paper (that will later become the book pages). You are free to experiment with different compositions. The size of your paper is your choice. Try to not use  paper that is smaller that 8 1/2" x 11" or too thin. Take photos of your organized items so you can easily make comparisons.  This is also a convenient way to share and get feedback from your friends.
4) Once you have finalized your prep work, you can begin permanently attaching your items in place, being careful not to disturb the original arrangement. You may attach the items to the paper using clear tape, glue or sewing thread! You are the boss! Likewise, you may use any art supplies that you would like to enhance your pages. If you use heavey items or 3-d items make sure that you use a sturdy type of paper. You may also choose to use a heavier paper for the front and back cover!
5) The front cover should "say something" about YOU, any theme or personal message you are attempting to convey. Your title is your choice. Next, make sure that the pages are arranged in the order that you want. Attaching (or binding) the pages can be done several ways. You may use hole punches and loop the pages together. Make sure the individual pages are aligned properly before you begin looping with the string. You can use paper clips or clothes pins to hold the book together during this process to help hold the book tightly. Be careful not to loop the pages together too tightly so that the book opens properly. You may also use brads and hole punches to bind your book. Additional techniques include using glue or stapling.
*DUE DATES for Weekly, completed and numbered pages (one page per week):  (1) April24__ , (2)  May1__ , (3) May8__,
(4) May15__, (5) May 21___, (6) May 29__, (7) June5__, (8) June12__, (9) June 19__, (10) June 24 COVER__   *Thank you!