Mr.Keane 7th & 8th Grade Social Studies: Welcome to the 2020-2021 School Year

Mr. Keane

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Mr. Keane

 Mr. Keane Teaches Social Studies and loves history!

Please note that October 26-30 is "Spirit Week at school 30!!!! Please click here for details.

Families will have the opportunity to request changes between hybrid tracks and from remote to hybrid, as follows:

  • 10/19-10/23 – Requests. Families can complete an online track change request form.  For families with no internet access, they can submit their request to school personnel, who can use it to complete the online form on their behalf. We will send the link to the online form and attach the paper form in an upcoming email.  This form will close Friday, 10/23, at 5pm.
  • 10/26-10/30 – Analysis. Central Office will share the requests for each school with principals so they can analyze if any the implications for class size, and whether any requests must be denied.  Transportation will plan for rerouting.
  • 11/2-11/6 – Communication. Schools will confirm the changed track with families or explain any denied requests. 
  • 11/9 – Implementation. Approved track changes will be input into PowerSchool and students will receive remote or hybrid instruction accordingly. Rerouted bus routes will begin.

 I will be teaching "Track D" (online learners) by posting individual assignments and holding daily "office hours" for those students.

Please fill out the Daily health afidavit before coming to school which you will find on the School 30 website.


7th Grade Social Studies Curriculum: 

  • In New York State we cover “the beginning of time” through the US Civil War (1865) in 7th grade.
  • We cover New York State History and I have included history about Yonkers in this course.
  • We also focus on local, national, and international current events.

8th Grade Social Studies Curriculum:

  • In New York State we cover “The Civil War” through present day in 8th grade.
  • We cover New York State History and I have included history about Yonkers in this course.
  • We also focus on current events: Current events covered in 7th grade include: Immigration, Saluting the Flag, News Bias, Income Inequality, Etc.

7th and 8th Grade Addition to Curriculum:

Since this is a major election year (Presidential Election) we will be following those news stories as well as learning about the voting process.


7-1 schedule for digital learning: Click below:

7-1 Online Schedule


I am reachable for questions, concerns, etc. in the following ways. Please do not hesitate to contact me and I pride myself on responding promptly durring normal school hours.

My Contacts:

–School Phone: 914-376-8590


Remind App: Text @school30s81010 or go to or the App store (free) and join @school30s.

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