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                                                                           Tuesday June 16

    3 MORE DAYS, FOLKS!  Keep your correspondence coming!!

    1) Each of you is responsible for emailing me twice weekly right up to June 18, communicating with me in full paragraphs about the music listening you have been doing.  I will respond to your email.  This participation, directly with me, will be the essence of your grade.  The Listening Diary is for you to download and use as a means of making notations about your listening that will inform your paragraphs to me, or your Discussion posts.
    2)  The readings (scroll down for links to the various readings I have provided) and the discussion boards each provide many questions for students to respond to.  Your responses can be to any of those  questions that you will encounter, or you can post directly from your own thoughts.


    For the String Family, we are reversing Score Order by presenting the instruments in this family lowest to highest... (enough high to low!)  Sometimes called the String Bass, Double Bass, Contrabass, the bass is the lowest pitched and largest of the string instruments.


    This is a remarkable video of a solo string bass player plucking and tapping on his bass, creating a groove that sounds like an entireband.  (His bow isn't even in the picture here...).  It's a very unique technique that results in a unique sound and style. 

    The long-awaited playlist for Part IV of the Score Order Project (Strings) is here (in Spotify land.  I apologize to all of you who have been losing sleep over its delay).  As mentioned, we're turning this section upside down by touring the Strings in reverse order, from Bass (with Ukulele) to Cello, to Viola, and ending with the Violin.  For now, there's just the playlist, but the pdf will be here by Friday....

    Curious about Punk Rock?

    Comments are now flowing in on the Discussion Boards.  Great to see.  (Scroll to bottom of Discussion page).  If you post anonymouusly, just let me know who you are in an email.  You can also post on comment on Hip-Hop as Protest.

    Music of Protest - Writings on Hip-Hop and Rap as Social Protest

    Google Arts and Culture presents La Scala (Download this pdf and feast your eyes and ears)

    We now have two Student DJ Playlists.  There is a pdf to accompany the more recent one.  Download the pdf, find the playlist on my Spotify page (mr.kuhnlincoln), and enjoy!  Our guest DJ's have done a very nice job.  After you listen, come back to the Discussion page here and scroll down to find different areas of Discussion.  Make a comment in the area of your choice there at the bottom of the discussion page.


    Now is the time to catch up on this orchestra-based listening project.  This week we will roll out the final section - the strings. 

    Score Order Project Introduction and Statement of Purpose.

    For the Score Order Project you'll need these other pdf's:

    Score Order Project Part I: Woodwinds

    Score Order Project Part II: Brass

    The Score Order Part III - Percussion 


    The final pdf, for strings, will arrive Firday.  The three pdf's that you need for the Score Order Project are here, and they each have their own Spotify playlist at Spotify>mr.kuhnlincoln  


    We're still waiting for our first comment on the discussion page on Student DJ Playlist #1... and now there's Playlist #2!

    Here is the pdf for Student DJ #2

    All listening that is not YouTube based is on Spotify.  My Spotify page is called:  mr.kuhnlincoln

    Email me with any questions you have about the Score Order Project.  Refer to the project introduction about the importance of doing a little listening each day.


    For a change of pace today, check out this

    Google Doodle about the African Mbira

    or visit this link about

    amazing video of highly unusual instruments

    (many percussion, mostly found or hand made). 


     All listening that is not YouTube based is on Spotify.  My Spotify page is called:  mr.kuhnlincoln

    Email me with any questions you have about the Score Order Project.  Refer to the project introduction about the importance of doing a little listening each day.

    Please consider that in college, or in whatever schooling you may have later on,  you'll get assignments like this all the time - assignments due much later that make you do tasks that are spread out over time.  To succeed, you need to learn the self-management techniques to follow through and do it a bit at a time, so that you won't be overwhelmed in the end when many things are due.

    EVERY STUDENT needs to be in touch with me.  Toss me a three sentence email a few times a week and let me know how you're doing.  I want to hear from you.  Furthermore, I need to hear from you.

    I'm here!

    Mr. Kuhn


    cell: (838-384-0644)

    * Spotify is a music streaming application that will allow you to listen to music that your assignments are based on.  Download the Spotify app from Spotify.com, and, in the search bar that it offers, type mr.kuhnlincoln (no spaces, all lower case).  That will take you to a page where you can click on playlists that are at the left hand side of your screen.  Listen to the music on the playlists ("Soothing Tracks from All Over", and "Happy Tracks from All Over").  Each playlist has only seven pieces on it.  Be aware that Spotify will probably keep going, giving you music after those seven pieces according to its own algorithm.  I will only place seven pieces on each playlist.  


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