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Ms. Martocci

4th Quqrter Grading.....follow these guidelines for a passing grade!

1) There will be a Problem of the Day on Remind. Do the problem and send it back to me. If you need help, ask questions. I will get you through it.

2) There will sometimes be videos that go along with the topics. Watch them! They are not too long, and they are really helpful. It's a really good skill to be able to do this. Again, if you really need help, I am here for you.

3) Finish all Deltamath assignments.

4) I miss you all!  This is really hard, so do your best and lmk if you need anything. 😘💜😷





4/17/2020 Last day of the 3rd quarter. Make sure all Deltamath assignments are completed.


.4/9/2020 We will be starting a new unit today on polynomials Check your Remind for the problem of the day.



.The third quarter ends on April 17th. Please do the daily problems that I am sending as well as the Deltamath assignments. .Ask questions if you have them and try your best!

I will communicate lessons and information on REMIND.

These are the codes for Remind:

Math1  @lmartoc

Math2  @lmartocc

Math6  @gdd36k

Math7  @k393f2


Click on the link for deltamath assignments