Hello School 5 families and students. Happy New Year! During this first week back after the holiday recess we will be learning online/fully remote. I am working on setting up teams meetings for synchronous physical education lessons. However, in the meantime, please follow the information below. Please perform the following tasks during your regularly scheduled Physical Education days/times. ********************************** IMPORTANT*********** Students pre-k through 2nd grade, please go to your web browser (at your PE time and day of the week) on the computer and search youtube's website for 'kids bop dance along songs" and find two or three 'dance alongs' of the hundreds of choices there and follow along with the dances. Students in grades 3-8, please go to your web browser and search on youtube's website (at your PE time and day of the week), and search for "PE with Joe". There are several months of daily 25-30 minute fitness routines with warm-ups and cool-downs included. On the youtube website, also search the following for additional physical education activities: 1. "Among Us Fitness Workout (all grades) 2. "Favorite Character Fitness" (all grades) 3. "Would You Rather - fitness" (all grades) 4. "Fat Burning Cardio Workout" (all grades).... Thank you! Stay safe/healthy/active!********************************* Email me anytime with questions or concerns. ............................... More information to follow.



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Mr. A. Meza