Mrs. Riehman, Title I Reading Teacher

Mrs Riehman's Reading groups

Mrs. Riehman, R.

Phone: 914-376-8460


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Riehman, R.


I wish all the students and families at Enrico Fermi School a safe and happy summer. You may continue to check Readworks for reading for pleasure during your vacation.

Be in touch!

I hope to see you in September.

All my best,

Mrs. Riehman

Readworks assignments:

Gr 3 Famous African Americans - Oprah Winfrey 

Gr 4 News Debate:Cashing In

Gr 5 Brothers 


Gr. 3 The Big Hike 

Gr. 4 Can't Sit Still 

Gr. 5 Magic in the Classroom 

ROOM 200, TITLE I READING TEACHER. Grades 3,4,5. My email address is

*DISTANCE LEARNING HOURS FOR GRADES 3,4,5: 9:30-1:00 Monday-Friday

 All Distance Learning assignments should be completed and returned to me by the due dates given.

 *New ReadWorks passages have been assigned and should be submitted when

they are complete. Do not use your teachers' codes, please use these class codes.


 * class codes and assignments


Gr. 3 REEEHQ "Seven Billion and Counting" 

Gr. 4 6H7WUT "Summer Reads:Memorial Day - Celebrating Memorial Day"

Gr. 5 QHZJK4  "Summer Reads:Memorial Day - Celebrating Memorial Day"

Past assignments:

Gr. 3 REEEHQ "A New Home" 

Gr. 3 REEEHQ "Wild Things" 

Gr. 4 6H7WUT "Magic Glasses"  

GR. 4 6H7WUT "A Family Reunion" 

Gr. 5 QHZJK4 "Radiologists" 

Gr. 5 QHZJK4 "A Distant Relative" 

**all student codes are 1234

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