Mrs. Riehman, Title I Reading Teacher

Mrs Riehman's Reading groups

Mrs. Riehman, R.

Phone: 914-376-8460


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Riehman, R.


I hope you and your families were able to enjoy the beautiful weekend together.  Please take this week to catch up on any past assignments and be sure to submit them in Readworks. All are listed below.

New readworks assignments due next week (June 2-3, 2020)

Gr. 3 The Big Hike (due 6/2)

Gr. 4 Can't Sit Still *due 6/3)

Gr. 5 Magic in the Classroom (due 6/3)

ROOM 200, TITLE I READING TEACHER. Grades 3,4,5. My email address is

*DISTANCE LEARNING HOURS FOR GRADES 3,4,5: 9:30-1:00 Monday-Friday

 All Distance Learning assignments should be completed and returned to me by the due dates given.

 *New ReadWorks passages have been assigned and should be submitted when

they are complete. Do not use your teachers' codes, please use these class codes.


 * class codes and assignments


Gr. 3 REEEHQ "Seven Billion and Counting" 

Gr. 4 6H7WUT "Summer Reads:Memorial Day - Celebrating Memorial Day"

Gr. 5 QHZJK4  "Summer Reads:Memorial Day - Celebrating Memorial Day"

Past assignments:

Gr. 3 REEEHQ "A New Home" due May 6, 2020 NOW PAST DUE

Gr. 3 REEEHQ "Wild Things" now past due

Gr. 4 6H7WUT "Magic Glasses" due May 7, 2020 PAST DUE 

GR. 4 6H7WUT "A Family Reunion" due May 14, 2020 NOW PAST DUE

Gr. 5 QHZJK4 "Radiologists" due May 8, 2020 NOW PAST DUE 

Gr. 5 QHZJK4 "A Distant Relative" due May 15, 2020 NOW PAST DUE

**all student codes are 1234

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Current Assignments

There are no current assignments.

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