•      Hybrid learning starts on Monday, October 5th. During this time Track A will come into school on Mondays and Tuesdays, Track B will come into school on Thursdays and Fridays, and Track D will be fully remote. I have sent an email to you and your child with regards to which track they are in according to our records at school. I will be teaching live online on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 8:35-3:15. On Wednesdays I will be teaching live online from 8:35-11:35.

         On the days that your child is home. Please make sure your child is logged on to our Teams meeting at 8:35 am. Make sure that the video is on and the microphone is on mute. I will be starting our day promptly at 8:35 am with a morning meeting. Please make sure your child is on time daily or they will be marked late. This meeting will run till 9:00 am. That is when I will begin teaching the subject areas. A daily schedule will be provided each day on my Clever page. 

        If you child is coming into school please make sure that they bring the math books you have already received and the ELA books they will be getting in a couple of weeks back and forth to school with them. We will not be allowed to share pencils. So please make sure your child comes to school every day with at least five sharpened pencils. If you would like to send your child with hand sanitizer you may do so, but that will be kept in their bookbags and used only by them. Please review the social distancing guidelines of six feet apart with you child and the importance of wearing a mask. Your child must come to school wearing a mask each day and keep it on throughout the day. We will have mask breaks, which will be reviewed with students when they come to class the first day.

        Due to the new set of rules in school and reviewing social distancing guidelines at school, I will not be teaching live on Monday, October 5th or Thursday, October 8th. I will need that time to acclimate students to the new rules of our school and classroom. On October 5th and 8th, I will put up work in Clever for students that are home that day to complete online. If your child is home that day, please go onto Clever to access their work. It will be in an app labeled assignments for that day. 

        Also, if your child goes somewhere for online learning other than your home, they need to bring all material provided from school to that location. I will be using math and ELA workbooks every day and your child will not be able to follow along with us in our lesson. Please make sure they have these materials so their day will run smoothly. 

        Have a great weekend and I look forward to welcoming back some of our students on Monday. 


    How to Access Email/Teams

         Every student has an Outlook email account. Their username is their 6-digit id # @yonkerspublicschools.org. All student passwords have been reset to their DOB in a MMDDYYYY format. This is their username and password for Office 365 and Clever. 

    For example: 

    If a student’s Yonkers Public School id # is 123456 and their birthday day is February 20, 1998, they would log in as followed: 


    Password: 02201998 


    There are 2 ways to log in to Outlook:

    1st Path to Accessing Outlook/Teams:

    • Use the link labeled Microsoft Office provided in the picture above. 
    • Log in to Office 365 using the log in information provided above.
    • Click on Outlook and find the Teams invitation email sent by me. 
    • Use the link provided in the email to join the Teams meeting

    2nd Path to Accessing Outlook/Teams: 

    • Log into your Clever account using the log in information above (you can use the link labeled Clever in the picture above) 
    • Select the Office 365 app 
    • Click on Outlook and find the Teams invitation email sent by me. 
    • Use the link in the email to join the Teams meeting 




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