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  • LATEST UPDATE:  Memorial Day assignment due Tuesday, May 26th.  Have a great weekend!


    1) Google: Duckster Education - The Alamo 

    2) Read: U.S. History: Battle of the Alamo

    3) Do the quiz: Battle of the Alamo


    UPDATE:  Assignment #5 is a health project due Wednesday, May 27th.  *Please make sure to put your name and class on each assignment.

    Assignment #5:

    Making and Eating Healthy Meals (you're going to love this!!)

    Eating healthy is so important for your body, especially during the teenage years.  Not only is it great for your muscles and bones, but it helps strengthen your immune system, needed for fighting bacteria and viruses.



    1) Make 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 2 dinners.

    2) Each meal must contain a food from each food group: (grain, dairy, protein/meat, fruits, vegetables)

    3) Your choices must be on the list of healthy foods (listed below)

    4) Take a picture of your meal.  Also, take a picture of you eating the meal (if possible) -- Extra Credit if you do!!

    5) For each meal, list which food is in each group.

    6) Send me the pictures and the list for each meal.



    1) GRAINS - Whole Wheat, Whole Grain, Multigrain Bread, Rolls, Bagels, Pretzels or Crackers.  Brown Rice or Wild Rice.  NO White Bread, White Rolls, White Bagels, White or Fried Rice!

    2) VEGGIES - All veggies are good (especially fresh or raw).  NO French Fries or Fried Veggies!

    3) FRUIT - All fruit is good.  If using fruit juice, it must be 100% fruit juice only!

    NO Canned fruit in sugar or syrup!

    4) DAIRY - Skim, 1%, 2% Milk, Yogurt and Cheese.  NO Whole Milk, Cream Cheese or Cheese Sauce!

    5) PROTEIN/MEAT - Beans, Peanuts, Peanut Butter, Eggs, Tuna (in water), Salmon, Lean Pork or Beef, Grilled or Baked Chicken.  NO Fried Chicken, Nuggets or Wings, Bacon, or Sausage!


    Scroll down to see the 4 previous assignments. 

    Fourth Marking Period Assignments: (1) Hunger and Appetite; (2) Nutrition Quiz; (3) Calories Needed Per Day; (4) Analyzing Weight Loss Diets.


    Fourth Marking Period Assignments:  due May 4th


    Assignment #1: Hunger and Appetite 

    1. What is the difference between hunger and appetite?


    1. What are 3 symptoms of hunger?


    1. What are 3 things that influence appetite?


    1. What might happen if you let your appetite totally control your eating habits?



       appetite     health     aroma     hunger     culture     religion     emotions     weather


    1. Elizabeth and Miriam are shopping at the mall.  Miriam is hungry.  Elizabeth isn't hungry but agrees to get some food.  Miriam orders stir-fried rice.  Elizabeth orders some too.  

     Elizabeth's choice to order food is influenced by____________


    1. Jason has the flu and is experiencing nausea.  His sister asks him if he would like some chicken noodle soup.  Jason says, "No, thanks."  His decision is influenced by ______________


    1. Manuel is getting ready for school.  His mother asks him if he would like some waffles and turkey sausage for breakfast.  He says, "Yes, that sounds great.  I didn't eat much for dinner last night."  Manuel's decision is influenced by ______________


    1. Isabel grew up in the southern United States.  When she was 12, she moved to the West Coast.  After eating dinner in a restaurant, she noticed they were serving homemade pecan pie made with Georgia pecans.  Isabel felt she just had to order a piece of the pie.  Her decision was influenced by ________________


    1. Mike found out he did not make the basketball team.  That evening, Mike's friends invited him out for pizza.  Mike went with his friends but did not eat very much of the pizza.  Mike's decision not to eat much was influenced by _______________.


    Assignment #2: Nutrition Quiz


    1. Place each of these food items into their appropriate food group:


        Frozen Yogurt___________





        Orange Juice___________


        Skim Milk___________


    1. Which 3 foods from the above list should be avoided or used sparingly? And why?


    1. Which 2 foods from the above list are a good source of both protein and calcium which teenagers need?


    1. Which 2 foods from the above list are a good source of carbohydrates?


    1. Which food from the above list might you select as a healthy alternative to ice cream?


     Assignment #3:  Calories Needed Per Day (Due May 12th)

    Calories measure the amount of energy in food.  We need a certain amount of calories to maintain our weight.  Everyone is different, depending on age, gender, height, and activity level.

    In this assignment, you will find out how many calories per day you will need to stay at your current weight.  Also, how many calories you would need to lose or gain pounds per week.




    (1) Go to


    (2) Scroll down to Fitness & Health


    (3) Click on Calorie Calculator


    (4) Follow the steps and answer the following questions:



    1. How many calories do you need each day to maintain your weight? _____________


    1. How many calories do you need per day to lose 1 pound per week? _____________


    1. How many calories do you need per day to lose 2 pounds per week? ______________


    1. How many calories do you need per day to gain 1 pound per week?  _______________


    1. How many calories do you need per day to gain 2 pounds per week? _______________



     Assignment #4:  Due Tuesday, May 12th:




    Pick four (4) diets (1 from each group listed below) and answer the 10 questions (yes/no) for each, and also give point values:



    Dr. Atkins, Sugar Busters, Carbohydrate Addicts Diet, The Five-Day Miracle Diet, Protein Power, Enter the Zone, Endocrine Control Diet, Healthy For Life, The Doctor's Quick Weight Loss Diet, Woman Doctor's Diet for Women, Miracle Diet for Fast Weight Loss,  Calories Don't Count, Four Day Wonder Diet, The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet



    The Setpoint Diet, Slim Chance in a Fat World, Weight Watcher's Diet, Mary Ellen's Help Yourself Diet Plan, The Beyond Diet, Staying Thin, The Calloway Diet, Living Without Dieting, Volumetrics, Lose the Last 10 Pounds, Dieting with the Dutchess, Dieting for Dummies, The Wedding Dress Diet, Dr. Shapiro's Picture Perfect Diet


    Group #3LOW FAT DIETS:

    The Rice Diet Report, The Pritkin Diet, Eat More Weigh Less, 20/30 Fat and Fiber, Fat to Muscle Diet, T-Factor Diet, Fit or Fat



    Dr. Abravenel's Body Type and Lifetime, Fit for Life, Dr. Berger's Immune Power Diet, The Hilton Head Metabolism Diet, The Beverly Hills Diet, Dr. Debetz Champagne Diet, Sun Sign Diet, Eat to Win, Cabbage-Soup Diet, Eat Great-Lose Weight, The Ultrafit Diet, Two Day Diet, Paris Diet, Eat Right 4 Your Type, 3 Season Diet, Metabolize


    QUESTIONS:  Place a Yes/No on the left side.  On the right side, indicate its Point Value: 1 point for yes, leave blank for no.  If you don't know, leave it blank.


    Name of the Diet that you chose:  _________________________

    (Remember: You have to grade four (4) different diets).  You don't have to rewrite the questions, just the answers for each of the four diets.


    ____ 1. Does the diet include a variety of food daily from the Food Guide Pyramid? ______

    (grains, fruits, veggies, proteins, dairy)  


    ____ 2. Does the diet program also encourage you to exercise? ______


    ____  3. Does the diet include foods daily that will provide plenty of fiber such as whole-grain breads, cereals, pasta, rice, veggies, and fruit?  ______


    ____  4. Does the diet include the "7-a-day" rule? ______

    (eating 3 servings of fruits and 4 servings of veggies per day)  


    ____  5. Does the diet keep sugar in moderation? ______


    ____  6. Does the diet include mainly foods that are low in fat or food that have mainly "good" (unsaturated or omega) fats? ______


    ____  7. Does the diet keep your daily calorie total above 1200 for girls and 1500 for boys? ______


    ____  8. Does the diet make sure you don't lose more than 1-2 pounds per week? ______


    ____  9. Do you consider the diet healthy and balanced? ______


    ____  10. Is the diet a program that you could continue for life? ______

    (You would realistically be able to make it a life-style change for the rest of your life?)


                 Total "yes" score points: _______      The diet's grade: ________


    Diet's Grade:

    10 Yes answers = A

    9 = A=

    8 = B

    7 = C

    6 = D

    5 or less = F