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  • Must-Have School and Art Supplies for Bilingual Kids

    Hi everyone, here's a list of art supplies you will need for Art Therapy; these items can be found in the local grocery store, Dollar Stores and online like Amazon, etc.  

    School Art Supply List 2020-2021

    This year, each student will have their own art supplies stored in their individual art box to maintain appropriate hygiene and social distancing protocols.  The items listed are for ALL students enrolled in Art Therapy if you are REMOTE learning or following the HYBRID model. 

    **ALL Supplies should be ready to use for October 5th, 2020**

    • 1 Sterilite storage box with lid (shoe box size and labeled “Art Therapy, Student Name, Classroom Teacher)
    • 2 Plastic Folders
    • 1 box Crayola Crayons (24 color set)
    • 1 box Crayola Markers (8 color set)
    • 1 box #2 pencils
    • 4 Black sharpie markers
    • 1 pack copy printer paper (white)
    • 1 set Crayola Watercolor Paints with Brush (
    • 1 pair scissors
    • 1 pack Crayola Playdoh (6 color set)
    • 1 bottle Purell/Hand Sanitizer
    • 1 Clorox/Sanitizing Wipes1 box tissues
    • 1 pack disposable cups

    *Our projects will be focused on items found in the home and recycled materials.  

     *If supplies are still available, students will use these items when they return to the hybrid school model.  

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  • Welcome to a new year in Art Therapy

    I am excited to have your child join us!  Many things about school will change due to the COVID 19 Pandemic.  Many times change can bring about uncertainty, but it also brings GROWTH.  It will be important for all of us to create positive experiences for your child as they begin this school year and I will be here to help transition them with you.     

    Art Therapy will be providing virtual lessons and creative assignments to keep your imagination active by having fun! 

    So come on 2020-2021, we're going to rock this school year!  

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  • Please go to the ASSIGNMENTS tab to see current Art Therapy directives and Mindfulness practices.  You can click on the links when available to view a vitural art therapy session with Dr. Rowena!

    To have your hard work counted as complete, I need you to send me a picture or video of your work.  Please send to rtalusan-dunn@yonkerspublicschools.org to marked as complete.  


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  • I'm available through email during the week.

    Please feel free to ask questions or send updates with pictures of your kids.  I miss them terribly and would love to know how they’re doing! 

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Dr. Rowena's Art Therapy Blog

  • Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere!!!

    Posted by Dr. Rowena on 4/5/2021

    Welcome Back everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful spring break!  

    For the next 2 weeks we will be focusing on a bubble unit including Bubble Resist Drawings, big bubbles and bubble sensory exploration!!

    This week, we will drawing a Bubble Resist Drawing using crayons and watercolor paints so be sure to have those ready for your art therapy session.  The name of the game is to find activities that will promote relaxation and positive vibes to help us get through our day! So join along for some bubble fun!  

    For remote learners, please have the following materials ready for your session; 

    Paper, Crayons, watercolor paints, brush and water cup

    Bubble Solution, bubble wands

    Pipe cleaners

    Straws, yarn and beads

    **Also, check out the Art Therapy Assignments to complete your assignment for the week and get your well-deserved credit!

    Bubble Unit

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  • Master Artist Series: Vincent Van Gogh

    Posted by Dr. Rowena on 3/22/2021

    Vincent Van Gogh

    This week is Art Therapy, we will continue with our Master Artist Series. 

    We will be focusing on Vincent Van Gogh.  Please follow along and learn about Vinvent Van Gogh and 2 of his most famous paintings; Sunflowers (1888) and Starry Night (1889).  Vinvent Van Gogh was best known for his "Power of Color" philosophy and how colors can show our emotions.  So join along and learn all about this truly inspiring master artist!

    When you are finished with  your creative product, don't forget to email me a picture of it for class credit.  Remember, be creative and have fun!

    Art with Mati and Dada: Van Gogh

    Van Gogh and The Sunflowers Read Along

    Good Night Starry Night Read Along

    Paint Like Van Gogh Art Project

    Kids Can Draw: Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflowers

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  • 2020-2021 Art Therapy Collaborative Project

    Posted by Dr. Rowena on 2/8/2021

    mural making

    It's that time of year again in Art Therapy for our COLLABORATIVE PROJECT! 

    This year, we won't let COVID get us down, we will be creating an Art Therapy Wall Mural in the Art Therapy classroom where every hybrid and remote student will participate to create! It's going to be AWESOME!!!!!

    This collaborative project is a multiple step process that will go on for the months of February and March.  We will be working on the following areas of creative expression; 

    • Air Dry Clay Tile (cutting and design)
    • Paper Art Tile
    • Designing a Concept focusing on creativity and community to be painted directly onto 1 art therapy classroom wall
    • Painting the largescale wall mural
    • 3D design incorporating tile mosaic art, clay tiles and paper tiles

    So get ready and let's create!  We'll be posting pictures as the process begins!  

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  • Groundhog Day!

    Posted by Dr. Rowena on 2/3/2021

    Happy Groundhog Day!  Let’s celebrate Groundhog Day! 

    The groundhog saw his shadow this year which means we’ll have 6 more weeks of winter this year.   So let’s join in some fun activities to celebrate, click on the links below to follow along!

    Song:  It’s Groundhog Day! (Jack Hartman):



    Story:  Substitute Groundhog by Pat Miller



    Drawing activity:  How to draw a groundhog



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  • Play Doh Fine Motor Skills Week

    Posted by Dr. Rowena on 1/25/2021

    It's the last week of January and we will be focusing on FMS through playdoh play.  Click on the videos below to participate in a fun interactive fine motor skills.  

    Remember to have fun!

    Fine motor development | Playdough song | If you're happy and you know it

    Dough dance/finger gym routine | Down in the Jungle | Nursery rhyme with playdough

    'I like to' playdough action song

    Play Doh: 5 Therapy Games | Fine motor | Sensory Processing | Tactile discrimination | Emotions




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  • Happy New Year!! This week in art therapy...

    Posted by Dr. Rowena on 1/4/2021

    Happy New Year everyone!!!!! This year is sure to be better than last year and I can't wait to see how!

    This week in Art Therapy, we will be reading books that focus on CREATIVITY, POSITIVITY and SELF-EMPOWERMENT!  Join along and see how you can apply these to your daily life.  

    This is our schedule for the week.  Please click on the links to follow along with the book, watch fun videos and then complete the daily art activity.  

    Please take a picture of your art actvities and email them so I can mark your work complete.  Remember, have fun and be creative! 

    Monday, 1/4/21:  Today's Theme is Creativity!

    Beautiful Oops!

    Beautiful Oops!

    Barney Saltzberg's Beautiful Oops, short version 

    Activity- Free Art: Oops! project (use any art materials that you have at home; paper, markers, crayons, pencils, watercolor paint, collage/glue).

    Directions for Art Activity:  Explore using the art materials you have and see where it takes you.  There's no directive, be open and free and allow your process to flow!


    Tuesday, 1/5/21: Today's Theme is Creativity!

    Scribble Stones


    Scribble Stones by Diane Alber - Videobook For Kids

    Activity- Scribble Stones project (use any art materials that you have at home; rocks or paper, permanent markers, crayons, acrylic paint, collage/glue)

    Directions for Art Activity: For rocks, using permanent markers or acrylic paint, decorate your stones as you like.  If you don't have rocks, draw a series of rock shapes on your paper and decorate them using any art materials you have at home (markers, crayons, pencils or paint)


    Wednesday, 1/6/21:  Today's Theme is Self-Esteem!

    the world needs more purple people


    The World Needs More Purple People ○Full Book Read Aloud○

    The World Needs More Purple People | Kristen Bell and Benjamin Hart

    Camp Hello Bello | Drawing Lessons with Daniel and Henry

    Activity- The World Needs more Purple People project (use any 2 dimensional art materials that you have at home; markers, crayons and/or pencils)

    Directions for Art Activity: Using your 2 dimensional art supplies (writing/coloring materials), draw a picture of yourself as a Purple Person!  After you have drawn your self-portrait, use colors to complete your picture.  Your self-portrait does not have to be perfect, but you do need to have fun and use purple in your final detail coloring!  


    Thursday. 1/7/21: Today's Theme is Positivity & Self-Empowerment!

    I promise

    I PROMISE | Storytime with LeBron and Nina

    I PROMISE | Official Trailer | Quibi

    Activity- I Promise project (use the worksheets provided below and a pen/pencil, crayons/markers)

    Directions for Art Activity: Complete the provided worksheets below on "I Promise" (share your promises with us today!)

    I promise

    what will you promise this year?


    Friday, 1/8/21: Today's Theme is Self-Love!

    I am Enough

    Grace Byers Reads "I Am Enough" | Bookmarks | Netflix Jr

    Activity- I am Enough! project (use any art materials that you have at home; paper, markers, crayons, pencils, watercolor paint, collage/glue)

    Directions for Art Activity: Free Art Directive.  Using your art materials, draw a picture about what you'd like to be when you grow up, doing the best you can with what you have, being the best you can be because you are enough.  For this project, remember to add color and have fun!


    Please email me at Rtalusan-dunn@yonkerspublicschools.org.  

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  • Thanksgiving Drawing Unit: How to Draw Videos

    Posted by Dr. Rowena on 11/23/2020


    Even though this has been a unique type of year because of COVID, we are thankful for many things like...


    This week, we will be learning how to draw Thanksgiving pictures like a Cornucopia, Thanksgiving Turkey, Apple Pie and a Scarecrow. Below I have attached How to Draw Videos by one of my favorite YouTube Channels, Art for Kids Hub.  So check the videos out and try out each of these special Thanksgiving drawings.  Remember, try your best and have fun! For each picture that you draw, take a picture and email it to me so I can see your progress and mark your work complete!  Email me at Rtalusan-dunn@yonkerspublicschools.org. 

    I am thankful for each of you and your families, it has been a pleasure working with you and watching you grow and thrive!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and stay safe!

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  • Thanksgiving Storytime

    Posted by Dr. Rowena on 11/18/2020
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  • Attitude of Gratitude Air Dry Clay Project

    Posted by Dr. Rowena on 11/16/2020

    This coming week we will be continuing to learn about Attitude of Gratitude. 

    Last week, the student learned what is GRATITUDE? Gratitude is being thankful, appreciative, blessed and grateful for the people in our lives and the things we have.  The students also shared what they are thankful for...  Many students shared they are thankful for thier parents, siblings, homes, teachers, friends and the Earth that we live on.  It was a great dialogue and every student was engaged and motivated to share!  

    This week, we will work on a special Air Dry Clay project making our handprints and hearts.  So this weekend, please be sure to pickup or cook up some Air Dry Clay.  You can buy air dry clay at the local art store like Micheal's or AC Moore or online.  Or if you like cooking, I have attached a home recipe to make your own (Please see below).  

    So come along and let's get creative!


    Homemade Air Dry Clay Ingredients

    The great thing about this air dry clay is you probably have most of the items needed already in your house. All you need is white glue, cornstarch, lemon juice or white vinegar and baby oil.

    • 3/4 cup white glue
    • 1 cup cornstarch
    • 2 tablespoons baby oil
    • 1 tablespoon lemon juice or vinegar

    Homemade Air Dry Clay Directions

    1. Mix the cornstarch and glue together in a pot on medium heat on the stove. Once they are mixed well, stir in the baby oil and the vinegar (or lemon juice if that is what you are using).

    2. Cook over low heat stirring no stop until the mixture resembles mashed potatoes. Then remove the pot from the heat and turn the stove off.

    3. Sprinkle some cornstarch on your counter and rub some on your hands before removing the dough from the pot.

    4. Place the dough mixture onto the counter and knead the dough until its nice and smooth. If your dough starts to stick add more cornstarch. You will know that the right amount of cornstarch is in it when it becomes smooth and clay like.

    5. Once your air dry clay is done, shape the dough into 1 handprint and 1 heart.  

    6. Once you have the shapes done, let the clay dry for two days. I leave our projects on the kitchen counter, you want them to be in an open space to dry out. After the 2 days drying time you can then paint the clay or leave it as is.

    **Next week in Art Therapy session, all students will paint their clay projects and continue the open dialogue of ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE!  

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  • Attitude of Gratitude Month

    Posted by Dr. Rowena on 11/9/2020

    Grateful Heart Hello, hello my lovelies!!!  It's been a few weeks but I'm finally back and ready to get creative!!!  A special thank you to my good friend Ms. Taha for working with the students, I am forever grateful for her friendship and awesome leadership!

    This month we will be focusing on Attitude of Gratitude!!

    Each week in November, we will be learning about gratitude and how it affects the world around us!  We will be focusing on what is gratitude?  Why is it important?  How can our attitude of gratitude create change and positive outcomes?  So come along and let's get our Attitude of Gratitude on!

    This week's assignment is easy!  I want you to take a short video telling me what is GRATITUDE?  The video should be short and sweet, then email it to me at rtalusan-dunn@yonkerspublicschools.org to be marked as complete:). I can't wait to see your beautiful faces and hear your definitions of gratitude!

    Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude - Center for Spiritual Living Boulder  Valley



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Dr. Rowena Talusan-Dunn PhD ATR LCAT

Phone: (914) 376-8585


Degrees and Certifications:

PhD in Expressive Therapies ATR (Registered Art Therapist) LCAT (Licensed Creative Arts Therapist) Permanent Teaching Certification in Special Education (K-12th)

Dr. Rowena Talusan-Dunn PhD ATR LCAT

About me.......  I'm celebrating my 19th year here at the Westchester Hills Scholl 29, I greatly enjoy my work with our students with autism, multiple handicaps and MR.  I have experience and clinical training in the following areas; Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communiation Handicapped Children (Mesibov, Schopler & Hearsey, 1994) and Sensory Integration (SI) for the child with autism.  My practice stems from the visual arts with work on the manipualtive process of three-dimensional mediums, process-oriented explorations and structured art experiences.  My doctoral research includes a pilot study through a single-subject design exploring the treatment of deficit areas in children with autism through art therapy and a program assessment for docotoral dissertation of the Boston Higashi School art curriculum evaluating progress of student cognizance through structured art experiences and structured art programming.  My specialties include Art Therapy and Autism Program Development, Research in Art Therapy and the Child with ASD, School Art Therapy Program Development (Public Sectors).  

What is Art Therapy?  Art therapy is a psychoeducational therapeutic intervention that focuses upon art media as primary expressive and communicative channels. The art therapy process allows one to explore personal problems and potentials through nonverbal and verbal expression and to develop physical, emotional, and/or learning skills through therapeutic art experiences. In art therapy, the child can directly manipulate materials and the environment, symbolically exploring, organizing and assimilating meaning from a complex world of ideas and experiences. This process may facilitate order, reduce confusion and uncertainty and promote the integration of experiences. This integrative process is important for children as they experience, communicate, and negotiate through developmental levels. 

Is art therapy beneficial to special education students?  For children with special needs, art therapy in a school setting can offer opportunities to work through obstacles that impede educational success. Art therapy can facilitate appropriate social behavior and promote healthy affective development so that children can become more receptive to learning, realizing their social and academic potential. Therefore, art therapy in a school—whether public or private—can be relevant to a child’s educational and social maturation.

Dually serving as an invitation into the child’s world, art therapists are able to catch glimpses into the expressive world of the client, while gaining clearer perceptions of their functionality and emotional development.