Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Joseph A Veltri


 R C Dodson 2021-2022 

8th Grade Living Environment

 7th Grade Science


Dodson Family: Parents, Students and Guardians Welcome to our R C Dodson Academic School Year 2021-2022!!

I hope you all are safe and enjoyed your summer vacation!  This 2021-2022 school year will definitely be interesting! 

Our adventure together will take us to new heights promoting social skills, communication skills and the overall purpose of student achievement, success and accomplishments!!

Dodson Strong, Dodson Proud and forever a Dodson Family!!!!  


Parents and Guardians: Please continue to assist me to encourage students during scheduled meetings to focus on all aspects of education.

It is essential and for all students to be interacting with teachers during class!!

It is vital to enteract directly with students engage participation and facilitate learning toward their best interests.

Thank you parents and guardians for all your efforts during these difficult times!!


Student responsibilities: it is essential that all completion of any assignment must be be completed to promote the greatest success and accomplishments!!

Student expectations are to be vie by clicking onto the tab at your left STUDENT EXPECTATIONS!!



Power School Grading Policies 

The following will be viewable within powerschool for Parents Guardians and Students 

1- Exams Quizzes and Projects

2-Class Participation

3- Home Work Nightly basis

4- Classwork and Effort

5- Attendance

Together we will strive succeed and accomplish as we are Dodson Strong, Dodson Proud and forever a Dodson Family!!!!  


Students: Please click on to the Student Tab on your left to view "Student Expectations and Responsibilities" 

Students Please click on to the Student Tab on your left to view "Student Assignments"

All assignments, exams, labs and projects will be will be involving Microsoft Teams!!



 Parents Gurdians and Students will have access to view continous student assignments, eaxm grades, progress achievment and accomplishments focusing on individual grade status throughout the school year!!      

 Parents Gurdians and Students please access the following:                              

 1- Power School: Access via Parent Portal and Access Power School Portal 

Please click here to Access Parent Portal to view your students status!!


2- For Instructions on how to navigate and use Power School Access please click below!!

Instructions to Access Power School Portal


Instrucciones para acceder al portal de Power School

All my best

Dr  Joseph A Veltri