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    This is a challenging time, our daily routine has changed drastically, but, with this challenge comes growth.  We are all determined to follow the rules to keep ourselves, our families and friends healthy and safe.  Let's celebrate each day       with a joyful outlook.  Let us know how you are spending your day by sending photos or emails to or


                    An Important Message to our Parents and Guardians: 

    It is extremely important that your child maintains a student log of the completed work.   Please take the time to download the message from the superintendent and complete the student log as your child does his/her work.  Thank you for your support.

                    As we learn together, we continue to strive for excellence not perfection.

    Hello Students and Families:

    • What are you celebrating today!  Let's not look at what we are missing such as school routines, friend interactions, familiarity as we knew it.

      Let's celebrate:

      * Gaining a sense of empathy

          * Send a note, email, telephone call to someone who is always homebound--bring them some joy and pick up their spirits

      * Reconnecting with your family

           * Notice all the unsung and loving gestures made- such as- cooking, cleaning, budget planning, etc

           * Learning about your family history...make a journal...include traditions and culture

           * Learn how to self improve by embracing the challenges -learn to time yourself when reading (add more minutes)

           * Enjoy the quietness of just sitting and sharing thoughts of gratitude

           * Record this moment in history, include the ways you and your family did your part to keep people safe.

           * Put some music on, sing, dance, celebrate life today! 

      Yesterday has passed. Tomorrow is yet to come. But, for TODAY- we have HOPE, JOY AND GRATITUDE!

      By following the rules of social distance, wearing face masks and staying home, you are saving lives.  Everyone is showing how brave and caring they are by doing their part.  

     A special "THANK YOU" to the Members of the Armed Forces, Medical Community, Public Works, Grocery Workers, Transportation and MANY others! 





Compassion Journal

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