Phone: 914-200-4358


Degrees and Certifications:

Pace University Bachelor's Degree: Adolescent Education & Earth Science 7-12 Manhattanville College Master's Degree: Adolescent Education & Spanish 7-12

Ms. Jessica Ford


Room Number: 216  

About the Instructor: This is my 6th year as returning Earth Science teacher here at Palisade Prep. This marks my 11th year teaching and my opportunities to teach have taken me all over having taught in Yonkers, Florida and NYC. I’ve taught Earth Science in English and Spanish as well as middle school integrated science. When not in the classroom I enjoy working with my after school drama club students at Pal Prep, playing with my 7 year old nephew, spending time with my close family and friends, performing in local community theater productions and travelling. 

About Earth Science: According to Thomas McGuire, Earth Science is the study of our planet, its changing systems, and its place in the universe. The course is divided into 3 main sections: Astronomy (space), Meteorology (atmosphere & weather) & Geology (earth systems). Through hands on lab experiences and lectures, students will work collaboratively to prepare for the regents exam. 

About Environmental Studies: The study of the environment including the air, soil, water, plants, and how each factor affects the animals and organisms that live there. This elective course is an inquiry and project based class in which students will connect current events with real world concepts and global issues. 


Ms. Ford's Class Schedule

Earth Science Period 1 (7:45-8:32 AM) 

Earth Science Period 3 (9:26-10:14 AM)

Earth Science Period 4 (10:19-11:04 AM)

Environmental Science Period 6 (12:00-12:48 PM)

Earth Science Period 8 (1:41-2:28 PM)