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Mr. Ortiz

Welcome to Earth Science!


Hello! I'm one of 3 Earth Science teachers at Roosevelt High School.  I hope to inspire young minds and spark their curiosity in Science. By the end of this year students in my Earth Science classes will be taking taking the Earth Science Regents. In order for students to be eligible, NYS requires a minimum number of lab hours (1200 minutes), therefore ALL labs are mandatory. *

♦  Lessons, notes, videos and Assignments are being posted.    

♦  Office hours - Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 3:00 pm.  Please feel free to message me Anytime!

If you have not entered my Class using the Remind App, please do so now.  Parents are all welcome to use the Remind App.

To enter into Period 1: esclassp1

To enter into Period 2: esclassp2

To enter into Period 4: esclassp4

To enter into Period 6: esclassp

To enter into Period 8: esclassp8

 ♦ Castle learning is being used as an online resource. Homework, test corrections and review material will be on Castle

Use link below.

Castle learning logon instructions


Example - ycsd.123456

initials lowercase, followed by ID number
Example - ab123456

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