Mrs. A. N. Pigott

Phone: 914-376-8345


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. A. N. Pigott

Welcome to Class 2-2 Room 15  

Welcome to Class 2-2 where learning is fun. My name is A.N. Pigott.  I am so excited to start another year at School 17. As you are probably aware, our school district is starting the school year with remote learning a change from our traditional classroom learning. But do not worry! We will get through this together.

Teacher Expectations:

. I will use Microsoft Teams to provide instructions, directions, activities, and assessments.

. I will use online learning sites through Clever-Benchmark Advance, Math Modules, Brainpop,mystery Science,           sumdog, and the district 2nd grade Power Standards.

. I will use Classdojo and my email to communicate with you.

Students Expectations:

. The students will complete tasks assigned to them on time.

. The students will participate in activities.

. The students will seek help during remote learning time.

. The students will also be graded on their participation and on assessments.

I am also asking for your cooperation to make this a successful and happy year for your child. I am looking forward to a year filled with meaningful experiences and rewarding academic successes.

I strongly believe in the value positive support plays in motivating children to develop good work and study habits. I feel that parents are the key to make school a positive experience for their children.

Please have your child read every night for at least 30 minutes and discuss what they have read. Children cannot learn to read if they don't practice. Remember as a parent you are an important part of their educational success as I am. We have to help lay the foundation for them to become life long learners. Also, it would be helpful for your child to have a quiet learning space to work each day as he/she connect to their daily learning.

Remember Open communication is important so please don't hesitate to email, call the school, or classdojo me. Classdojo is the easiest way to get in touch. My email is Phone # 914-376-8345.

Again thank you for your cooperation. Stay Safe

Mrs. A. Pigott

2nd Grade Teacher


There are three ways to log in to Microsoft Teams



3. Microsoft Teams Desktop Application

To log in to Microsoft Teams through the Yonkers Public Schools website click on "Microsoft 365" and enter: student's ID number (6 digit number)  followed by { Example:} Password is the student birthdate in 8 digit format. { Example September 09, 2020 is. 09092020"

Then click on "Teams" Class name is 517 Class 2-2 Mrs. Pigott


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