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Coach Ryan


Good morning hopefully this note finds everybody doing well and in good health!  I am really hoping students are staying active and eating heathy during this trying time.  I am checking email daily so please feel free to contact me, and I will be posting resources periodically to help aid at-home larning.

A great resource from Fuel-Up-To-Play60:


Coach Ryan



It is very important that our students stay physically active in during this unprecedented time during our school year.  It is recommended that students get at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day.  Going out for a long walk while practicing social distancing is an excellent way to accomplish this.  Stair climbing, at home exercise, and on-line resources are also great ideas to get our bodies moving.

We begin each pysical education lesson with a short strectch and exercise routine which can be accomplished at home. Some examples are;

     -Arm Circles

     -Deep Knee Bends

     -Toe Touches

     -Jumping Jacks


     -Squat Thrusts

     -Sit and Reach


Below are great on-line resources to get students moving.


Sworkit for Kids 

Go Noodle 

7 Minute Workout for Kids 

Yoga For Kids  

Super Stretch Yoga  

Cosmic Kids  

NFL Play 60 

Just Dance Now 

Kids Fitness Yoga 

I will be checking email daily please feel free to contact me with any Questions.