Ms. Lori Sabetti

Phone: 914 376 8340


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Lori Sabetti

      I have been an Educator, for over, ten years. I am a career changer. I was a certified Paralegal, as well as, a Notary Public and worked in a law firm. I was very successful and extremely bored, at the same time. I worked for an Architectural firm, as a business manager, when I decided to go back to Graduate school, and become a Special Education teacher. 

      All of that to say, I don’t regret any of my life experiences, as well as, my passion and career choice in Education. I wake up every day and know that I will make a difference in my students lives, and have so much to offer, in knowledge, as well as, understanding a child, as a whole person, not just, academically.