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    ¡Hola, mis estudiantes inteligentes, preciosos, respetuosos y talentosos.

    -Assignments due:June 5, 2020.
    You can use the vocabulary on this post and in your notes to complete the given assignments due 6/5/2020.
    -Be sure to email me with ANY questions or concerns.
    -Be sure to write a full heading on each assignment( except the poster).
    Propósito:  ¿Pueden ustedes describirse y identificar los pasatiempos favoritos en español?
    Aim:  Can you describe yourself and identify your favorite hobbies in Spanish?
    Hagan Ahora:  Escriban el vocabulario.
    Do Now: Write the vocabulary.
            1.      inteligente- intelligent
            2.      talentoso/a -talented
            3.      respetuoso/a- respectful
            4.      ambicioso/a- ambitious
            5.      amistoso/a- friendly
            6.      atrevido/a- daring
            7.      bajo/a- short
            8.      cariñoso/a- affectionate
            9.      alto/a- tall
            10.      prudente- cautious
            11.      fuerte-strong
            12.      gracioso/a- funny
            13.      tacaño/a- stingy
            14.      amable, simpatico/a/ nice
            15.      A mi me gusta, me gusta-I like, It is pleasing to me
            16.      leer-to read
            17.      escribir cuentos-to write stories
            18.      practicar deportes- to practice sports
            19.      bailar- to dance
            20.      cantar- to sing
            21.       nadar- to swim
            22.      correr- to run
            23.      textiar- to text
            24.      mirar la televisión- to watch television
            25.      estar con mi familia-to be with my family
            26.      usar la computadora- to use the computer
            27.      jugar videojuegos- to play videogames
    -Las asignaciones- the assignments
      -Read, write and study the vocabulary
            ⁃       Design 10 flashcards with the adjectives, including pictures( draw or cut out and paste) and complete sentences, making certain that the subjects agree w/ the adjectives. Por ejemplo: El es talentoso.(Pic w/ a male playing a sport, singing, drawing, etc. ) Ella es talentosa.(Pic of female drawing, painting, performing surgery, playing a sport, etc)
            ⁃       Design 10 flashcards of hobbies that you like a write a complete sentence at the bottom. Por ejemplo(4 example): A mi me gusta leer. Draw (or cut and paste)a pic of you reading a book.
            ⁃       Design a poster titled, ¿Quién soy Yo? Who Am I?
            ⁃       You can design it however you like. Be sure to write in complete sentences and include the following information:
            ⁃       Your name( pic of self)
            ⁃       Where you are from(pic of your country’s flag)
            ⁃       Where you live
            ⁃       What school you attend( Yo asisto a...)
            ⁃       Your birthdate and age
            ⁃       What kind a person you are (3 adjectives)
            ⁃       6 hobbies that you like(Use También) A mi me gusta ...También me gusta...
            ⁃       Write and answer the following questions in a complete English paragraph:
            ⁃       Were you able to read, write and review the vocabulary posted for the June 5, 2020 assignment? Why? or Why not?
            ⁃       How did you know which adjectives to use for your subjects on your flashcards? (Explain the difference between masculine and feminine adjectives in Spanish).
            ⁃       How do presentations help you understand Spanish?
            ⁃       How would you present your poster so that your classmates would understand everything that you wrote in Spanish? ( Give details of how you would greet the class, what would you say?, what pics would you point to, etc.) * Remember our class presentations*
    Stay safe and healthy! I miss All of you!!

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