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Ms. Alexandrou


Dear Students and Families,

Welcome to the last week of this school year!  You all worked so hard and learned many new skills.  During the summer, please continue to grow your communication skills- see "Summer Break Handouts" under Assignments for various speech, language, and augmentative communication activities and resources that you can do over the break.  

Have a wonderful, fun and safe summer break!!


Dear Students and Families,

I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during this unprecedented time. We have worked so hard this year and have learned and developed many skills. Please continue to grow your child's speech and language development during this time at home. Engaging in activities such as, reading a book, playing a board game, playing various games (e.g., Simon Says, Uno, Cards....) and during daily home activites can continue to enhance your child's langauge development and communciaiton skills. Since libraries are closed, you can listen to and read along with books on YouTube and discuss the stories as a family. 

Please click on "Useful Links" for various speech, language, and augmentative communication resources.

Please click on "Assignments" for weekly speech-language lessons to support virtual learning at home.

Please email me at with any questions and how I may provide you with direct therapy instructions to best support your child's development at home.

I am available Monday-Friday during the hours of 9-12:30 at which time I will do my best to respond to your emails in a promptly manner.

I miss you!


Ms. Alexandrou