Credit Recovery 2019-2020

  • Welcome to the Riverside “Credit Recovery” program.  This program was designed to give students the opportunity to earn credit from a course previously failed. The “Credit Recovery” grade will consist of classroom participation and work, homework, tests and quizzes, and projects; the grade will be reflected on the student’s transcript. 


    Students MUST attend EVERY class on the days listed below from

    2:35-4:35 pm.  The “Credit Recovery” Program will begin on

    February 24, 2020, and ending May 20, 2020.  See Calendar Below 


    Please take a moment to read the criteria mandated by the Principal for successful completion of the course:

    • Class begins promptly at 2:35.  Any lateness will result in the student getting dropped from the “Credit Recovery” class. 
    • There will be a five-minute break permitted after the first hour of class. There are no extensions, no exceptions, and no early dismissal.  Any student coming back from break late or leaving early will be dropped from the “Credit Recovery” class.   
    • Any disciplinary violation, as listed in the Code of Conduct, will result in the expulsion from the “Credit Recovery” class. 
    • This is an opportunity to earn a passing grade from a failed course.  FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.  A class that results in exlharilpulsion or failure disqualifies you from registering for another “Credit Recovery” class. 
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