School Climate Survey

  • Yonkers Public Schools is conducting an anonymous School Climate Survey to gather information about the school's effects on students. There are questions about school discipline, student support, student engagement, and safety conditions in each of our schools. We will be surveying our students and school teachers, administrators and non-instructional staff. This information will be used to guide our educational practices and programs that support safe and orderly school learning communities.

    The Student Survey will be given to grades 5 and 12 during the school day beginning May 8, 2019
    to students in these schools only:

    • Palisade Preparatory School
    • Cross Hill Academy
    • Museum School 25
    • Scholastic Academy for Academic Excellence
    • Thomas Cornell Academy
    • School 9
    • School 22
    • School 23
    • School 30

    It is an anonymous online survey that covers a wide range of topics related to school climate, including questions concerning school engagement, school safety, and school environment. The survey does not ask about your child’s personal experiences, but rather asks about their perceptions of safety, student engagement and the environment of the school. Some questions ask about teasing and bullying that students may have observed at school and whether other students have been bullied. In addition to these questions, there are a small number of questions about gang activity, aggressive attitudes, and alcohol and drug consumption. All of the questions have been reviewed by District staff and are appropriate for school-aged students.