Middle Years Intramural Sports Program for Grades 7 & 8

  • Intramural Softball
    is starting
    April 17th

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    Seventh and Eighth grade student have an opportunity to participate in the reinstated Yonkers Public Schools Middle Years Intramural Sports Program.

    Middle years students from every school may participate in athletic competition as members of a multi-school team.

    Young athletes will learn the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary to support an active, productive and healthy lifestyle. The program extends the District’s physical education instruction and provides the opportunity, regardless of athletic skill, to participate in a team and leisure-time activity. Intramural sports are not part of the District’s interscholastic sports program.

    Participation in team sports:

    • Provides an opportunity to participate in athletic competition without regard for high performance skill or ability.
    • Provides physical activities in a safe and professionally supervised environment.
    • Nurtures healthy competition, enjoyment, fair play, and teamwork.
    • Enhances social interaction among students from neighboring schools.

    Intramural sports seasons will be 6 to 8 weeks and include:

    • Fall
      Boys and Girls Soccer
    • Winter
      Boys and Girls Basketball
    • Spring
      Boys Baseball and Girls Softball

    Click here for the basketball schedule


    • Nathan's
    • Central Ave. & Tuckahoe Road
    • Bronxville Road & Kimball Ave.
    • Bronx River RD & Midland Ave.
    • Bronx River RD & McLean Ave.
    • School 21
    • Yonkers Ave. & St. John's Ave.
    • Yonkers Ave. & Midland Ave.
    • Midland Ave. & Mile Square RD
    • Mile Square Road & Palmer RD
    • School 5
    • Tuckahoe Road & Runyon Ave.
    • Saw Mill River RD & Odell Ave.
    • Nepperhan Ave. & Hearst St.



    • N. Broadway & Gateway Road
    • Roberts Ave. & Park Ave. Terr
    • Roberts Ave & Valley Ave.
    • Nepperhan Ave. & Montague St
    • Nepperhan Ave. & Orchard Pl.
    • Park Ave. & Lake Ave.
    • Warburton & Glenwood Ave.
    • Warburton & Ashburton Ave.
    • Palisade & Ashburton Ave.
    • Elm St. & Yonkers Ave.
    • Yonkers Ave. & Prescott St.
    • Elm St. & Van Cortlandt Ave.
    • Park Hill & Van Cortlandt Ave.
    • S. Broadway & Vark St.
    • Riverdale Ave. & Ludlow St.
    • Riverdale Ave. & Culver St.
    • Van Cortland Ave. & Radford St.
    • Caryl Ave. & Saratoga Ave.
    • McLean Ave & Putnam Ave.




    For further information:

    Curriculum and Instruction Department
    (914) 376-8281