Students Strengthening Students

  • As part of My Brothers’ Keeper (MBK) initiative, Museum School 25 has partnered with Riverside High School (RSHS) (Mr. Mack and Mr. Esposito) to provide students in grades 1 and 2 with High School tutors. MBK Riverside High School students work together to strenghten reading and math skills alike.

    Also My Brother’s Keeper initiative and Future Leaders Academy, Museum School Students and adults learned how to make African Masks. Ms. Vickie Fremont, teacher, designer, and anthropologist instructed the students on how to make masks from West African countries such as Mali, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, and more. The students used colorful West African fabrics to design and to create their masks, they learned the value of recycling and using reusable materials.

Future Leaders Acadamy

Cross Age Tutoring