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Erick Mero

 I am available from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. every school day Thorugh Microsoft Teams. If I am away from my computer for a few minutes be patient. So FIRST, find this website:


The first page of Romeo and Juliet is referred to as the "Prologue". It is a sonnet, which means it is a poem and has 14 lines. There is more information in the prologue than might be necessary for the play, but it does set the scene. What makes Romeo and Juliet (from now on, I'll be referring to the poem as R+J) such a horrific and wonderful play is probably because it is kind of a story about YOU! R+J are about your age. They have similar interests and fears; they are teenagers. They flirt and kiss and rebel and pule and whine and cry and play and fight and overdramatize, and rarely listen. Sound familiar? Well, we didn't even really get started yet.  

So, read the first-page several times until you completely understand what is being told to us. Be able to answer the following:

1) Who is telling the story? What is a 'chorus'?

2) Is the Prologue a spoiler? Why or Why Not?

3) Identify the main characters (from the Prologue only).

4) What is the conflict? Why is there a conflict? How do we know?

5) How does the Prologue make you feel? 

Homework: Learn the first four lines of the Prologue. Read them, analyze them, memorize them, be able to recite them by Friday, March 27th. We should be well into the play by then. Remember to Breathe, Remember to Relax, Close your Eyes, Breathe. Nothing is more important than your happiness and health. You are not missing anything from school right now. Just follow the directions. I may have to replace my computer. But, listen, Breathe. Remember my pool mantra? You can use it. "I'm Strong", "I'm Brave", "I'm Beautiful" and "I'm Blessed". Hug yourself, you don't have to believe everything at the beginning, hug yourself and breathe. Now..."Two households, both alike in dignity..." GOOOO!!!! Yours, Mr. E. Mero (mysterymero). 

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