My e-mail address is cnorton@yonkerspunlicschools .org

  • I have posted a schedule for picking up your summer packet and personal belongings. Please, go to Class Dojo to find the time you can go to school and pick up your things. 

    Thank you!

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  • Hi Class!
    To Celebrate Memorial Day, each student is to create a board. ( Just like you did for you US state project) We will commemorate World War ll
    It is due on Wednesday, May27th.
    This is what should be in your report---
    The Beginning: Provide background information on World War II (Two), the war we have chosen to memorialize and commemorate. (For example, including answers to the following questions may provide context for the project: Which war?When did it happen? How long did the war last? Who was involved? How many soldiers sacrificed their lives?)
    The Middle: An explanation of the drawings or pictures that you have created. (What is shown in the pictures or drawings? Are there any symbols that you used and if so, what do they represent?) You can draw pictures or get them off the computer.
    The Ending: How does your project provide hope for the future?
    This project must be done by everyone of you! It is required by the district.
    You can use this link
    also google World War ll
    Use Red, White and Blue and do your best! This is your only work for Friday.

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  • Please go to Class Dojo for all current assignments! 

    Don't Forget, on Friday, May 8th is virtual Feild Day!

    All assignments must be completed! 

    Hope you have a great week!

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  • Please, Go to Class Dojo to see all assignments for the wel April 27th 

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    •  Go to Class dojo each day
    •  Class asignments wil be posted
    •  I will review all assignments daily
    •  If You have any questions please contact me. 
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  • Monday, April 13, 2020

    Each day go to Eureka Math do one lesson. Please post your work on class DOJO. Also, you must do one Math lesson on Castle Learning each day. I check Castle Learning everyday!


    Go to Castle Learning do one story each day! 

    Read your chapter book and write a summary of the chapter you read. 

    Social Studies

    Work on your research project!! Pick a U.S. President and write a report on him.  

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  • Hello Class,

    Please, check class DoJo each day for updates and work assignments.

    It is very important that you complete your daily assignments each day! 

    Every week new assignments are added to Castle Learning, for both ELA and Math. You must complete  one lesson each day. 

    I have also assigned a Social Studies project. Every student must choose a U.S, President and write a report on him. Just the way we did for Black History  Month. NO BOARD!! just a written report!

    Please continue to go on Sumdogs!

    I am keeping track of all your work!

    I will continue to check in on you by phone as well as online!

    I am proud of all of you  Keep up the good work!

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  • Hello Parents and Students,

    I have invited all parents to join DoJo but not all parents have accepted.  Please, check to make sure you have received the invitation. If you have not contact me.

    I have put many assignments on Learning Castle and iworks. 

    It is very important that each day you go on clever and complete your daily assignments.

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Norton


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  • Good morning students and parents,

    I have added new ELA and Math assignments for this week on castle learning. We will be using Dojo for future assignments as well as Zoom to teach lessons. I will need everyone's email addresses to invite you to Dojo and to share Zoom meetings.

    I will be reaching out to everyone tomorrow 3/30 to touch base.


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  • please. use castle learning. There are Math and ELA assignments to be completed by all students.

    Take your time with each assignment!

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  • Mrs. Norton will be available everyday from 12- 3:30. as of Monday, 3/23/2020.

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