• A message from Ms. Smith, Student Assistance Counselor 

    We are facing significant disruption in our lives. Feeling isolated, anxious, and overwhelmed are all normal experiences. Despite the change of pace and restrictions in place, there are ways for us to stay present and take care of ourselves using positive and healthy coping strategies. 

    As the Student Assistance Counselor my role at Riverside is to help students identify positive coping skills when experiencing stress, conflict, peer pressure, anxiety, and other challenging circumstances.  In addition, I also 

    • help students develop a healthy routine around sleep and time management, especially during remote learning 
    • educate students about the risk of making unhealthy choices regarding substance use and other high-risk behaviors 
    • provide school-wide awareness activities to help students understand the harmful consequences of using alcohol, tobacco/nicotine and other drugs 
    • work with students individually, and in small groups and conduct classroom presentations 
    • provide referral information to additional services in the community if needed 
    • work with community groups on activities to promote a healthy lifestyle for teens 

    I am the advisor of a school club called the Youth 2 Youth (Y2Y) Club. As a group, we create and organize monthly activities that promote a healthy lifestyle for students. (Remind Me APP @gg2f66) 



    Google Voice Contact# 914-458-1933