Ms. Del Monte - English as a New Language

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    Parent Letters about the upcoming NYSESLAT

    Please read the attached letter infoming you of the NYSESLAT.



    At Pal Prep, the Speaking test begins Monday, April 26.  Students will come to take the 20 minute test individually.

    The Reading, Writing, and Listenting test will take place over three days between the weeks of May 17 to May 27.  Please check Teams and Remind for your specific testing time and day.

    Title III Workshop

    Parents are invited to an informational session about NYS testing.  It is on Tuesday, April 6 at 3:00 on Zoom.

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     Welcome to School Year 2020-2021!

     The links for MS TEAMS are:

    Period 3 -  ENL Period 3

    Period 7 - ENL Period 7

    Period 8  - ENL Period 8 

    The class codes for REMIND are:

    Period 1: @enl-p1

    Period 2: @enl-p2

    Period 3: @enl-p3

    Period 7: @enl-p7

    Period 8: @enl-p8

     Ms. Del Monte's contact information: