Hello My Fellow Roosevelt Sharks!


    Some of you might know me, some of you don't...Mr. Nacerino here at your service! I will be teaching ELA 9, 10 as well as Modern Drama Literature in Action. I'm looking forward to meeting students who are new to Roosevelt, and to seeing our returning 10th graders!


    As we all know, our lives and school experiences have transformed into new and unfamiliar ways.  I, along with all your teachers and administrators, have been learning different ways to teach our classes online.  We did this so that our courses are engaging, interesting, and to make us all feel more connected during this time! 


    My first request of you - students AND parents/guardians - is PLEASE DON'T PANIC!!  This is new (or fairly new) to us all, and we are in this TOGETHER!   


    It is more important than EVER to ask questions, if you don't know something (technology related, websites, content, etc.), or need clarification.  Your comfort and understanding of how to work through this time is essential. 


    My office hours (for extra help, make up assignments, etc.) are after school on Thursdays.


    Stay safe, protect yourself and do your part to help protect others.  In the words of Lady Gaga at the MTV VMAs 2020, "Wear a mask, it's a sign of respect". 



    Mr. Nacerino

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