Basic Algebra and PreAlgebra


  • In the mist of the pandemic, our middle school is learning and striving to advance with technology. We are utilizing our Microsoft Teams to the fullest extent. All assignments are placed in their Teams’ Assignment Tabs. During our virtual learning, we are invested in learning on Nearpod. Students are working on the PowerPoints I’ve uploaded on Nearpod along with activities created to engage and motivate academic achievement.

     On Nearpod, students are constantly participating in activities such as Polls, Collaborative Boards, Videos with Questioning Feature, Matching, a Time to Climb, and Convert to Draw. The Polls and Collaborative Boards enable students to express their opinions. The Matching activity is a great way for students to study their vocabulary in the lesson and practice problems for an exam. A Time to Climb provides students with ongoing fun. Student choose an avatar to represent them as they climb, swim, and run. Music is played in the background and a leaderboard providing friendly competition.  Students travel in the game up a mountain or in the ocean. As the questions are being answered, the avatar begin moving. The lead avatar is the student who answered the most correct questions. It’s a wonderful opportunity to see where they stand in the lesson. All these activities are great for teachers, I am retrieving so much data on my students this year than any other school year because every activity they do from answering a question online to watching a video online with questions provides data. It’s wonderful way for me to get to know all of your children, their strengths, weaknesses, and motivations without even seeing their faces.

    Cesar E. Chavez continues to outshine with our students. We have dedicated students who place so much effort in their work, we are so proud to say that they are a product of Cesar Chavez. As the year is coming closer to an end, because it’s already halfway through our 3rd report card quarter, I know I will continue to be proud of our high achievers. I know that our struggling students are making progress because they attend school daily remotely or in person, they participate, and complete homework. Additionally, with the support of our loving parents, we both will continue to assist them to succeed. 



    Mrs. Ayoub

    Cesar E. Chavez 

    7th & 8th Grade Math Teacher 

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Spring Is In The Air

  • 8th Grade Graduation Is Coming Soon

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  • Dr. Pagano and I are trying to make the best possible yearbooks with your help this year. We are requesting that all students hand in Distance- learning photos. All 8th grade students are expected to submit baby photos along with Distance-learning photos. Additionally, we will gladly accept any holiday photos and photos of student artwork. All students and teachers are asked to submit photos to

    8th grade parents were provided a letter and link to where to send funds on each of their chilld's page.We are eager to purchase caps, gowns, yearbooks, and provide a beautiful ambiance for their outdoor 8th grade graduation. Thank you for all of your support. Graduation Theme Song

    8th Grade Graduation

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