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Distance Learning Assignments for Ms. Bacon-Potts


    Friday, August 14, 2020

    Hello Students




    Periods 1,2,4,5,7: Studio Art Classes

    We have been largely studying the drawing techniques using objects such as a Bowl with items, The Pear, The Flower, The Tree and most recently we started doing Portraits utilizing Contrast and Value with all the above. These assignments have largely been based on the use of Neutrals with the Tool: Pencil(2H, HB and or 4B). Color was also permitted for some drawings. The use of Contrast (opposing light, medium and dark tones) which is accomplished by adjusting the Values in the light, medium and dark tones has been the strength in your work to acheive these visual compositions.

    ASSIGNMENT: Each week you are to create one(1) Full Visual Composition drawing(school appropriate). 

        You must have a Foreground and Background supporting your composition. Examples: Vase in a Room, Tree in a Park... Consider using a Light Source within the drawing (Sunrise, sunse, nighttime, rainy & misty or Sunny Day) I know your supplies may be limited however you can use print/copy paper and a #2 classic pencil as your tools. Yes you may add color and Patterns. Size of each Drawing is to be at least 8"x10". You can draw from Observation and or Imagination and get Creative: School Appropriate


    03/13/2020  04/01/2020

    Period 9: CFM: Cosmetology Career Opportunities

    We recently started to review possible Career Opportunities in this field. As part of your preparation in your Cosmetolgy Studies, you are being requested to research five (5) areas of interest to you as possible future Goals.

    Each area of study you must Note the Title of the Position along with an explanation of the Job Requirements. You must research Job Locations, Salary/Hourly wage, Hard Skills:Certificates /License(s) necessary, Growth Potential: (Privately or in a Company) and Hours required for the Position. 2-3 Paragragh minimum for each.

    Choose from the following: Salon Stylist, Haircolor Specialist, Texture Service Specialist, Wig/Extensions Specialist, Retail Specialist, Skin Care Specialist, Makeup Artist, Nail Technician/Manicurist, Day Spa Stylist/Technician, Salon Manager, Salon Owner, Product Educator, Cosmetic Chemist, Session Stylist, Hairstylist for TV, Movies, or Theater, Styles Director/Artistic Director, Design Team Member, Platform Artist, Competition Champion, Educator, Writer, State Board Member. 

    PLEASE NOTE: A COPY OF THE PACKETS CAN BE OBTAINED IN THE MAIN OFFICE @ SAUNDERS DURING SELECT SCHEDULED HOURS. I will also try to upload the Packet if possible although not necessary to do research online.



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