Phone: 914-248-5515


Degrees and Certifications:

Sullivan County Community College- Associates/ Communications Mercy College- BS in History/Education Mercy College- MS- School Building Leadership

Mr. Christopher Ball

  Click here for the NatGeo Social Studies login page! CLICK HERE!!                                                                                           
                                                               WELCOME BACK FOR THE 2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR!!


Mr. Ball's office hours are from 11:05am-11:52am Monday-Friday during this school year .  Please feel free to reach out to me if you need help with any work or have questions that need to be answered.  My information is listed above on this page. 


I will be emailing all assignments weekly to students through their Yonkers Microsoft email addresses so please make sure you check them daily.  

All 7th & 8th grade emails & passwords were reset by the district at the begining of the school year.  To access your Microsoft 365 account you must go to the login page.  Once you get there you will use your Yonkers six digit ID number for your username and your password will be your eight digit birthdate (MM/DD?YYYY).  If you are still having issues with your account please reach out to me!  You can also call the Yonkers Public Schools at 376-8000 and ask for technology.


By now most of you should be on task with our class, and if not, you should have been emailing me for help with your Microsoft district account. You have plenty of time to get help and ask questions for what you need from your teachers.  If you have any general questions please feel free to respond on our class pages.  If you are NOT comfortable doing so, than email me privately or email me your number and I can call or text you directly.  Make sure you are sending ALL of your work on your Yonkers Microsoft email account for each of your assignments because each student is responsible for their own work for each class!
Login Information for Nat Geo Digital Textbook:
1. Type in
2. Then click in the find the school box.
3. Type in the zip code which is 10701.
4. Then scroll down in the drop screen of Schools and click on School 23.
5.When you click on to School 23 on the drop down screen you will come up to the username/ password page.
6. Your username will be (ex. 8school23e1)   The first number will be 7 or 8 for 7th or 8th grade.  The last number was assigned to each student.
7. The password for everyone is history (lowercase) for each student.  Only the username is different.  Every two students share one.
What you need for Mr. Ball's class:
A single subject 80 page notebook for Current Event assignments
Current Events guideline sheet taped & signed in the front of that notebook
2-4 inch five section three ring binder
Sections are:
Classwork/ Homework
Quizzes/ Tests
Miscellaneous (Anything that does not go in the other four sections!)
Students should email me all your completed questions and vocabulary on a Microsoft Word Document.
1. You should have the vocabulary and gray box questions for each chapter completed.
2. Each chapter should be labeled with the page numbers & date.
3. Define each vocabulary term and use the term in a sentence.
4. State each question, skip a line and answer the question.
5. Please make sure you label each chapter.
6. Answers for vocabulary terms & chapter questions should be at least THREE SENTENCES in length.
You should be completing a Current Event each week as if we were in school.  
You can complete the current event assignment without the notebook and put it in the book when you get it.
 Please set up your notebook with the guideline sheet taped in the front and signed by you and a parent!
Please stay safe during this difficult time!
Mr. Ball