• I look forward to seeing all SCHOOL 29 STUDENTS this year. This year will be filled with many learning adventures. We will all learn new things, adjust to new learning formats, and most important we will do this together (students, parents, therapists, teachers) in a supportive and kindly manner. It is my hope that we will all work together in a supportive manner, for we all have the same goals. We all want to be learning mentors and partners for your childs' learning, both educational and social emotional. Working together is the best and most reliable means to having our goals met and your child succeed this school year.

    My students and most teachers use MS TRICIA or MS CAPURSO.

    My 2 forms of contact this school year will be:

    EMAIL: pgreenley-capurso@yonkerspublicschools.
    PHONE: 914-376-8585

    Office Hours: I am available during regular school hours.