Ms. patricia culleton

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Ms. patricia culleton

Social Studies work will be provided as hard copies.

Hi Kids - I MISS you all! I'll be available from 10:00 am to 1:15 pm this week. You should have received work for this week through your postal mail. Please ask your parents or siblings to guide you through the work. Please respond to this so I'll know who has access to internet/computers. (About half my students said they don't have access to a computer/internet at home.) Depending on your responses, I'll adjust how I get future lessons to you (hard copy via postal mail or electronic distance learning. Thanks. Be safe!

If you did receive Social Studies lesson plans, please complete them and return them to me when school reopens. Since each of your classes is about 42 minutes, I don't expect that you will complete each assignment in one day. Just do your best. I have posted lessons under Assignments on this my Teacher page. Periods 2 and 7 have the same assignments and Periods 3 and 8 have the same assignments. I had to put down a Due Date. Ignore that. Have work completed by the time schools reopen. I suggest working on each assignment for about 45 minutes each day. You may not complete each one in a period. Do your best. Each assignment requires you to go onto Clever. Your user name is your 6-digit ID Number @ (ex: Your Password is your 8-digit date of birth (ex: 03262020). From there you will click on either BrainPOP or BrainPOPjr. Read your assignments carefully so you are accessing the correct BrainPOP. Hope you and your families are all well and practicing social distancing and good hygiene. I'm thinking of you and MISS YOU ALL!