Substitute Teacher

Ms. Tyler



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Tyler

Hello! I am a substitute teacher currently covering the Unified Arts Exploration classes. 

Classes will meet on Microsoft Teams on an AB/CD schedule.  For convenience, here is a list of classes and their scheduled period/time for art.

Period 1 (7:35-8:22) AB days: Mr. Sutton 

Period 1 (7:35-8:22) CD days: Mr. DeGrazio 

Period 2 (8:25-9:12) AB days: Ms. Pierce

Period 4 (10:06-10:53) AB days: Ms. Degl

Period 4 (10:06-10:53) CD days: Mr. Ramos

Period 5 (10:57-11:44) AB days: Ms. Culleton

Period 5 (10:57-11:44) CD days: Ms Ryan

Period 6 (11:48-12:35) ABCD days: Ms. Almanzar