• As we approach the end of the school year our assignment will be changing to focus on preparing for the college essay. We will not be writing the "official college essay" but will at least try to put some ideas together to prepare for it. Please take this seriously as it is one of your FINAL ASSIGNMENTS. There will be no article or covid chart this week. EVERYONE WHO SUBMITTED WORK DID AN EXCELLENT JOB ON THOSE ASSIGNMENTS! I was actually quite moved to see your charts each week and see the numbers fall from what were such high numbers in March. I appreciated the variety of vocabulary words that were chosen from the articles  and especially enjoyed reading your opinions aboutthe  many different articles. It helped make my quarantine time more intersting!Thank you for your hard work.





    Past due work :

    There were 2  assignments every week. Open the links on the ASSIGNMENT PAGE (see left on this page)to view work.

       Assignment 1- COVID CHART. When you do this simple chart, you are filling in the number of people who were hospitalized or died in New York on that particular day. Only count the NEW New York CASES on that date. There are many sources for this informatio such as Worldometer, MSNBC, NBC4NY.com, etc. Gov.Cuono gives an  update every day at 11:30  on several TV channels (including channel 12).  Here is also a link to THE NEW YORK TIMES good link.

    Last week's article was on the BOTANICAL GARDENS. This is a beautiful place to visit only 5 miles away!                         

    - List 3 important points the author makes

    -  Define 5 vocabulary words.

    My email is kdolan@yonkerspublicschools.org

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     Period 3 and 4 HONORS see below:

    IN ADDITION to the 2  assignments above, you were also working on the poetry or novel.             

    Read the FARENHEIT 451 by Ray Bradbury. Questions were be posted on REMIND. You can also  choose instead to  ananlyze 2 poems each week. Discuss the central idea and 3 literary devices. Here is a great link: poetryfoundation.org




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  • My email is: kdolan@yonkerspublicschools.org

    Look at REMIND but also look here on my teacher assignments to keep up with the work.

    I am  available  from  10:00 until 1:30.

    If anyone from period 7 needs extra help with the assignments, you can contact Ms. Dolgetta on REMIND(KK87H8) or email her at: adolgetta@ayonkerspublicschools.org. 

    Thinking of you all and missing you but we are finding new ways to do this together!

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