Mr. Thomas Driscoll



Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Thomas Driscoll

Mr.Driscoll enters his second year teaching at Yonkers Montessori Academy with more than 25 years of teaching throughout the Bronx and Yonkers. 

Mr. Driscoll can be reached at

Economics Assignments for Mr.Driscoll

Global History Assignments for Mr.Driscoll 


Global assignment 1

- Create a 2 to 3 page paper on the life of Mohandas Gandhi

- You may use other websites to enhance your paper 

- Typed or written  


Mohandas Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi (Bio)

Mahatma Gandhi (Bio 2)

- Create a separate important fact page in bullet form

- Create a term page by defining these terms:

Satyagraha, civil disobedience, INC, Salt March, boycott, textiles, partition, nationalism, imperialism, Raj, Muslim league, non-violent demonstration

Due 4/20/2020 on my email (

Total of 5 pages


Global Assignment 2

- Create a 3 page paper on Nelson Mandela - Typed - MLA Method

- Create a Terms/People page

- Create an Important facts page Terms/People: (Apartheid,  F. W. de Klerk, Sharpeville Massacre, Passbook, Bantustan, Afrikaans, Robben Island, Bishop Desmond Tutu)

- Due on 5/5 2020 on my email (


 Global assignment 3

- Create a 3 to 5 page paper on the Fall of Communism in the Soviet Union, use the MLA method

- Your paper will end with the Fall of the Berlin Wall

- You will also create a facts paper and a terms paper


Mikhail Gorbachev, Perestroika, Glasnost, Five Year Plans, Collectives, SDI [ Star Wars], Ronald Reagen, MTV, Soviet Republics, Berlin Wall, Capitalism, Communism, Vladimir Putin

- Due on 5/23/2020 email me your assignment (


Eco/Gov Assignment 1

- Create a biography on a Supreme Court Justice

- Choices: Clarence Thomas, Sandra Day O'Conner, Sonia Sotomayor, Earl Warren, Roger Taney, Thurgood Marshall, Ruth Bader Ginsburg [Notorious RBG]

- It must be 2 to 3 pages, typed or written, MLA format, check Google Docs for a template.

- Due Date: 4/20/2020 email me your assignment (


Eco/Gov Assignment 2

- Create Three 2 page papers on any 3 of the following US Supreme Court Cases (SCOTUS): Choices are below. 

Present the facts of the case, arguments, SCOTUS decision and give reasons for the decision from the Opinion 

1st Amendment:                                        Fourth Amendment:               Sixth Amendment:

Schenck v US                                            New Jersey v TLO                   Escobedo v Illinois

U. S. Nazi Party v Village of SKOKIE Ill.       Mapp v OHIO                          In RE Gault     

Brandenburg v Ohio                                   Katz v US                               Miranda v Arizona

Tinker v Des Moines                                  Terry v Ohio                            Gideon v Wainwright

Texas v. Johnson

- Due 5/10/2020 on my email (

 Eco/Gov assignment 3

- Create a biography of Donald Trump; create a biography of Joe Biden. Each 2 to 3 pages, MLA method

- Create a 2 to 3-page paper in which you choose one to be President of the United States:

- Give reasons for your choice, including :

Political history                                     Economy                         Veracity

RACISM                                               CRIME                             Leadership in tough times e.g. Pandemic                             

Treatment of women [misogynism]        Constitutional Issues

- Also, give reasons for not choosing the other candidate

- Please add your beliefs and seek the input of others including friends, family, teachers, etc.

- Due 6/6/20 on my email. ( 


Memorial Day Assignment:

Create a 1 to 2 page paper on the reasons for Memorial Day and the history of the beginnings of it.

Who, what, where, when, why, how

due:  5/29/2020

Assignment for both Global and Eco/Gov

 Last Assignment:

Make up all past work

Have a great and healthy summer; I am sorry that we couldn't finish our journey in person. I will miss you all and hope we meet again in September