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Ms. Faña

Dear Students/ Parents/Guardians ( Queridos estudiantes/ Padres/ Guardianes)  

I hope this note finds you and your families in good health and safe. ( Esperanzada que esten excelente y  saludables) Los extraño mucho.

Please find my information and the homework for each class below.




9:30 Am- 1:00PM


914 433 6390

NYS Permanent Certification Linguistic: Spanish                   

7/12 grades                                                                      

Degree in Clinical Psychology | Education                                                                       





Everyone has packages to finish, (chapter 3A/B), If you have any inconvenience write or call me.

Search Realidades 1 Chapter 3b. Vocabulario y gramàtica. Pg. 168

Write down the vocabulary. Chapter 3b.

Online: For vocabulary practice visit: Web code: jcd-0311


Realidades 1: Guided Workbook (Link Below)

Assignment: pg 99 - 108 | Complete and submit all assignments

Realidades 1: Guided Workbook

Due: 4/6/2020





Tarea: Leer Juan Salvador Gaviota. Del Capítulo 1 al 3

Hacer un resumen de la lectura. Después escoger la frase que más te guste de lo leído y hacer una composición con la siguiente información.

Escribir la frase. Hacer un dibujo que crea representa la frase. porque escogiste esa frase y como la aplicaría en tu desarrollo personal?



Flacs June 2011

Please, let me know if you were able to enter the page. Remember how we practice it in the computer room. I am working so that we can have the classes in Zoom. If you have any questions contact me.

Please look for the link to the Flacs June 2011 package pn the website:

Part 1: Due 4/6/2020 (Pages 1-5)

Part 2: Due 4/10/2020 (Pages 6-10)

Part 3: Due 4/15/2020 (Pages 11-15)

Part 4: Due 4/20/2020 (Pages 16-19)

Part 5: Due 4/24/2020 (Pages 20-24)


Que tengan un excelente y saludable dia!!!. I miss you all. I love you.