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Ms. Faña

                           Bienvenidos al año escolar 2020-2021

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Hola! soy la Señora Faña su maestra de Español

 Hello! My name is Yolanda Faña and I love teaching Sanish at Enrico Fermi's School, I have grown up in the wonderful world of Spanish language. My passion is to giveto my students the opportunity to know the wide world of Spanish's cultures. My mission is to take you in a very excitment journey to 21 countries, around the world, that are Spanish speakers and know about their misterious cultures.

This is my 24th year teaching in Yonkers Public Schools.

I am so excited to see all of you and dive into the wonderful and amazing World of Spanish language.



 It is great that your are going to take Spanish and look foward to a productive year together. We will be learning the building blocks of the Spanish language including: Speaking, listeninig, reading, and writing. We have to make sure that we all do our best and have an environment conducive to learning. To ensure a better learning atmosphere , I wouldlike that we could respect each other, collaborate with classmates, have compasion,desire to learn, desire to participate, camaraderie, and friedship. This animic disposition will facilitate the process of learning Spanish.





Class                  Period                Time

7-3                       6                  12:52- 1:39

7-1                       7                    1:42- 2:29

8-2                       8                    2:32-3:15

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914 433 6390

Degrees and certifications

NYS Permanent Certification Linguistic: Spanish                  

7/12 grades                                                                      

Degree in Clinical Psychology | Education 

Master in Linguistic: Spanish




Will you be a reader,

a student merely, or a seer?

Read your fate,

see what is before you,

and walk on into futurity. 

Henry David Thoreau, Walden