NY State High School Regents Exams - June 2021

  • Who takes the test?

    New for school year 2020-21: In a typical year, Regents exams are administered in June and August in 10 subject areas. This June, only 4 Regents subject exams will be in administered:

    • Algebra I
    • English Language Arts
    • Living Environment
    • Earth Science

    These exams will be administered in person. There will be no additional Regents administration scheduled for August. 

    Certain students are eligible for Regents exam waivers, which count as a passing score for that exam for graduation. Waivers are available for all Regents exams subjects, including the 4 exams being administered in person.

    Regents Waiver Eligibility: If a student is eligible for a Regents waiver, they can use this waiver toward graduation requirements and are not required to pass that Regents exam. 

    To be eligible for a Regents exam waiver in June or August 2021,all students who successfully (receive a passing final grade of 65% or higher) complete a course that culminates with a Regents Examination will automatically receive an exemption for the exam.

    Students may wish to take the Regents exam if they are not on track toward passing all of the necessary courses by June.

    NYS Regents Intent FormClick Here For the form

    When are the Regents exams?

    The exams will be administered within the following dates: 

    • English Language Arts – Thursday, June 17 
    • Living Environment – Tuesday, June 22 
    • Algebra I – Wednesday, June 23 
    • Earth Science – Thursday, June 24