Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Florin

"Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader"

                              -Margaret Fuller

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Hello MLKA Families!

I am a Reading teacher at MLK Academy. I am looking forward to a very eventful year of learning.  This year I will be working with Kindergarten, 2nd grade, 4th grade and 6th grade.  We have many challenges ahead of us, but by working as a team we can accomplish anything!

If any MLKA families have any questions please feel free to email me at


-Mrs. Florin

  • Dear MLKA Families,

    Please join me for our annual Reading Open House on Wednesday October 28,2020 at 5:45pm to 6:00pm. Looking forward to seeing all of you.

    Meeting ID: 831 7096 3874

    Passcode: fP4k73


    Thank you, 

    Mrs. Florin

  • Remote Learning steps for Students

    If you have a loaner laptop from the district the username name is: ypsloaner   The password is: Spring2020    Please make the S capital

    If you are accessing Virtual Learning at home with Microsoft Teams/Microsoft Office here are the steps

    1.  Log into

    2.  Go to the upper right - hand side and click 'Log In As Student'

    3. Click 'Log in with LDAP'

    4. Your username is your student Id and the 


    5. Your Password is your birthday.

    Example- September 5, 2003

    You will type in 09052003


     *Students will have good manners during for Remote Learning

    *Information About Benchmark, Our New Reading Program-Benchmark

    *Information About Clever

    *Information About Microsoft Teams and Outlook 



    Virtual Learning Expectations:

    1. Create a quiet space free of distractions to participate in lessons and work independently.                     

    2. Sign into your classes daily at your scheduled times - keep connected. Excessive absences from lessons will impact your grades.

    3. Participate in lessons - ask questions and make observations.                                                             

    4. Cameras must be on at all times.  I must be able to see your face.

    5. Mics will be off unless you are called on, raise your hand or a special activity/discussion is taking place.


    Our New District Reading Program-Benchmark

    • We have a new reading program this year called Benchmark, which is replacing Journeys. For our grade level, we will be using Benchmark Advance. The Benchmark app can be found on Clever.


      To access Benchmark:

      1. Login to Clever at
      2. Go to the upper right-hand side and click 'Log In As Student.'
      3. Click 'Log in with LDAP.'
      4. Your username is your 6-digit Student ID Example:
      5. Your password is your birthdate. It should be entered as MMYYYY. Example: 092009
      6. Click the Benchmark app then click Benchmark Advance.


      Please familiarize yourselves with Benchmark by watching this video and navigating Benchmark at home.


      Video: Benchmark Advance and Benchmark Adelante Overview




    Microsoft Teams

    • Microsoft Teams will be used instead of Google Classroom and Zoom. It is being used district-wide.


      To access Microsoft Teams:

      1. Log in to
      2. Click Sign In.
      3. Your username is your 6-digit Student ID Example:
      1. Your password is your birthdate. It should be entered as MMDDYYYY. Example: 09062009
      1. This will take you to your Landing Page with all of the Microsoft apps.

          *Note: Outlook is your email. This is where you will receive all emails from your teachers.

      1. Click 'Teams.'

      Please familiarize yourselves with Teams by watching these videos and navigating Teams at home.


      Video #1: How to Log In to Office 365 and Microsoft Teams


      Video #2: Student and Parent Guide to Microsoft Teams


      Video #3: Student's Guide to Completing Assignments


      Nearpod will be used to conduct and support live lessons from the teacher

      To access Nearpod:

      Nearpod will be used:

      *to watch instructional videos for all subject areas

      *to assist in research for projects

      *to take virtual field trips

      *during lessons to helps students build a foundation in a concept being taught and to reinforce skills

      All Nearpod lessons can be accessed with a specific code that the teacher will provide to the students.

      You can familiarize yourself with these youtube videos

      Video #1: What is Nearpod?

      Video #2: How Students Join a Nearpod Lesson

      Video #3: How to Use Nearpod as a Student