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  • Important Announcement
    Assignments Instructions
    For Extended School Closing
    (Note: Distance Learning Schedules can be found on Teachers' Class Pages except where noted)
    Pre-K Families, If you would like to access our teacher pages, please visit School 30 website and click on the tab labeled Teachers.  Next, locate by alphabetical order, your child's teacher's name.  On the left-hand corner in the blue box click on Assignments.  There you will find a list of activities and resources that you can use at home with your child.

    Go to the School 30 Website. Find my name, Lauren Marco. Assignments are posted there

    4th Grade Update:
    Mr. Curtis's Distance Learning schedule found on his class page here.
    Mrs. Daily's Distance Learning schedule found on her class page here.

    5th Grade Update: Both Ms. Gibson and Ms. Francis have posted their assignments on their respective teacher homepages.

    6th Grade Students should log in to Clever with either their student ID and password or with their Clever badges. All sixth-grade students should complete both ELA and Math assignments on Castle Learning daily. That means 1 ELA and 1 Math assignment daily.
    In addition, all sixth-grade students should complete Math assignments on Khan Academy which is also accessible through Clever.

    My instructions for each grade, with their NYS ELA packets, are to complete ONE excerpt, per day.
    Thank you!
    Gina Bellino

    Middle School Mathematics, English, Social Studies & Science

    1. Students must go to the "Teachers" tab and click on Barnett, Keane, and Bellino to see their assignments. Mrs. Papaioannou's work can be accessed through Ms. Barnett's page on our school website. 
    2. Step-by-step instructions for all students will be placed under the "Assignments" tab on each teacher's page. 

    Students must go to the school 30 website. Click on to the Teachers tab, then click on to Francisco Luciano and the assignments will be there. 

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  • Talking to Children About COVID-19 (Coronavirus) A Parent Resource

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