Grade 2 Mystery Science

  • How invention should be created? (Weeks 3 & 4 Mystery Science)

    Watch the video “What Materials Might Be Invented in the Future?” and discuss the questions in the video with a family member or a friend. After you watch the video, think about an invention you would like to build that would solve a problem. There are three (3) videos below that may inspire your thinking (“The air hockey bed invention, “How the trampoline was invented,” and “Why earmuffs were invented”).

    You are to develop an invention that solves a problem. You can plan your invention in your notebook.

    Assignment: Answer the following in your Science Notebook:

    • What problem needs to be solved?
    • What is needed to create this invention?
    • Draw a picture of your invention, list the materials needed, and explain how it works.
    • Give your invention a name.
    • How will my invention solve the problem?

    Video: What Materials Might Be Invented in the Future? (Video)

    The air hockey bed invention (supplemental video)

    How the trampoline was invented (supplemental video)

    Why earmuffs were invented (supplemental video)