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Signing into Clever

To login to Clever, first read these instructions. Then click the link below.


Clever Portal Link


There are two ways to login to Clever.

1. If you have your Clever Badge with you, click the blue area to the right that reads, "Clever Badge log in." Then scan the badge with the camera on your device.

Clever Badge log in

2. If you do not have your Clever Badge, please click the space that reads, "Log in with LDAP." 


The Username will be your student ID number followed by The password should be your child's birth date in month, day, year form.

Username and Password Screen

For example, if your child's student ID is 123456 and your child's birth date is September 7, 2014 then the login should look like this:


Password: 09072014


Once you are in Clever you can go directly to sites like Office 365 and Microsoft Teams, Benchmark Advance and BrainPop simply by clicking on the icon. 

Other sites may require an extra login. Please use the login information provided by your child's teacher this year. 


Clever Portal Link