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Solar Eclipse Info - 4/8/24

Guidance from YPS on the Solar Eclipse on Monday 4/8/24. 

  • Schedule: Yonkers schools will be open for a regular schedule.
  • Timing: The eclipse will go on during our dismissal, reaching its maximum at 3:25 PM and concluding at 4:36 PM.
  • Viewing: The district is sending a supply of solar viewing glasses for the whole school. We will distribute them to students at dismissal on Monday.
    • Reminder to all: During an eclipse, there will be less sunlight, making it seem like someone could look up at the Sun. There is still plenty of UV radiation to permanently damage your eyes if you do not wear solar viewing glasses.
    • Do not to look at the eclipse without the provided glasses. Sunglasses will not protect your eyes.  
  • Athletics: Please note athletic events on April 8th will be on a slightly revised schedule.   Students will not be permitted on the fields for practice/warm-ups until 4:30 pm, and games will begin at 5:00 pm.

If we use the proper equipment, this is a great opportunity to observe a beautiful astronomical phenomena.

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