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Logging In

  1. To access your child’s schedule go the the School 5: webpage and click on Power School and then Parent/Student portal.  Your child’s Log on is their student ID ex 123446 and their password is their 8 digit birthday. Ex 03112002

    On the first day of school, please log onto Outlook365 at

    Their login is the email using their 6 digit ID (ex 
  2. Their password is their 8 digit birthday (ex 03112002)
  3. Click on the TEAMS icon and you will see tiles. Please click on the tile for your child’s class. 

    I would recommend you also take a look at The teacher page under  the teacher tab

    Also, if you have Facebook, please follow the Yonkers Public Schools page. There is a parent tutorial on how to navigate the online learning platforms we are using.