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Yonkers Made Substantial Progress on State Assessments

Yonkers Made Substantial Progress on State Assessments

English Language Arts Proficiency Increased by 5.0 Percentage Points

Mathematics Proficiency Increased by 5.2 Percentage Points

Yonkers Significantly Outperforms the Statewide and Big 5 City School Districts Year-to-Year Increases 

Yonkers Public Schools made substantial academic growth in grades three (3) to eight (8) English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics on the New York State Education Department (NYSED) assessments released August 22, 2019.

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Edwin M. Quezada noted, “Throughout our schools we see increasing evidence that sustainable solutions are taking hold and making a difference for our students. Progress is accomplished through relentless differentiated instruction in every classroom, in every school, every day by our school administrators, teachers and support staff; thank you for your commitment. Since 2016, this is our instructional priority and the results have produced improvements in every student subgroup in both ELA and Math. This work requires years of quality leadership development, data-driven instruction, targeted professional development, as well as continuous student academic, social, and emotional supports. To accomplish this requires stable revenue and support from all stakeholders for Yonkers Public Schools.”

Two years ago, Yonkers Public Schools embraced Computer Based Testing (CBT) districtwide for the State assessments, the only large school district in the State to take on the challenge. Around 12,000 Yonkers students in grades three (3) to eight (8) were tested using CBT in both ELA and Math. For more than five years, the District has successfully used online testing for a variety of assessments and will continue to champion NYSED’s initiative for statewide CBT.

Board of Education President Rev. Steve Lopez stated, “The hard work of our students with the support of their families is producing consistent improved student achievement. Our students’ steady progress is a testament to Dr. Quezada’s leadership, the work and commitment of his administrators in central office and in schools, and of course, our teachers and support staff interacting with our students every day. It is clear that the Board’s policy initiatives to move our schools toward 21st century learning are producing results. The Board of Education’s efforts are focused on long-term sustainability; that’s the legacy the Trustees and I want to leave.”

City of Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano added, “I congratulate the leadership, staff and students of Yonkers Public Schools for more than doubling the statewide average improvement in test scores. Despite a state funding formula that continues to shortchange our students, our schools again demonstrate their ability to provide a quality education that improves with each year.”

Yonkers student achievement outcomes on the State assessments continue to produce significant improvement districtwide for students at or above proficiency (levels 3 & 4).

  • English Language Arts (ELA) increased by 5.0 percentage points
  • Mathematics increased by 5.2 percentage points.

Yonkers outperformed the statewide gains of 0.2 percentage points on ELA and 2.2 percentage points on Math as well as all of the Big 5 large city school districts whose gains aligned more closely to the State’s results.

  • Every subgroup showed improvements on both assessments:
    • Black students' proficiency rate rose 5.2 percentage points in ELA and 5.2 in math.
    • Hispanic students' proficiency rate rose 4.8 percentage points in ELA and 5.1 in math.
    • Multi-lingual learner students' proficiency rate rose 1.7 percentage points in ELA and 0.5 in math.
    • Students with Disabilities proficiency rate rose 3.4 percentage points in ELA and 4.1 in math.
  • Districtwide grade level growth shows significant increases:
    • ELA grade 3 is up 7.4 percentage points grade 4 is up 9.4 points and grade 8 is up 6.4 percentage points from last year.
    • Math grades 5 and 6 each up 5.5 percentage points, grade 7 is up 6.9 percentage points, and grade 8 is up 5.6 points